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Indiana Town's Waste Trucks Destroyed in Fire

Indiana Town's Waste Trucks Destroyed in Fire

Three waste trucks were destroyed in a fire in Columbus, Ind. 

According to

"The Columbus Fire Department said a city employee found a trash packer truck on fire just after 5 p.m. Monday. When firefighters got to the garage, two vehicles were on fire. Shortly after, the fuel tank on the first vehicle exploded into flames, catching a third vehicle on fire."

The fire was contained about 20 minutes later, but the incident caused about $850,000 worth of damages, according to the WISHTVreport.

Despite the loss of the trucks, the city's collection services were not interrupted. 

According to The Republic:

While older trash packers being placed back into service may slow down sanitation routes, the fire will not result in any service delays for residents, according to city officials.
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