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Hong Kong Student Creates Paper Recycling Initiative

Hong Kong Student Creates Paper Recycling Initiative

A leadership workshop held in 2013 led Ike Park, a student in Hong Kong, to create his own nonprofit organization called Project O2, which helps schools make the switch from virgin copy paper to recycled paper.

To get his organization off the ground, Park did research and reached out to various contacts to make his dream a reality. His efforts helped his school become the first in Hong Kong to have an e-vehicle charger installed onsite.

Currently, 20 schools are on board with Park’s initiative and 10 other schools have make pledges to switch over to recycled paper.

The South China Morning Post breaks down Park’s initiative:

When Ike Park took part in a leadership workshop in 2013, he had no idea he would become an environmental advocate with his own not-for-profit organisation.

The workshop, held by Nature Conservancy, ended with a task for the teams to carry out an action, and Park’s team decided to go tree planting.

After hitting walls in their attempts to even just find a site for the planting, then realising how many hands it required to plant a few trees, Park thought: “There must be a more effective way of going about this. How about saving trees from being cut down in the first place?”

Thus began his mission to get schools to switch from virgin copy paper to recycled paper.

Read the full story here.

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