E-Waste Recyclers in Northwest Found to Export to China

E-Waste Recyclers in Northwest Found to Export to China

Three companies taking part in Washington e-waste recycling program have reportedly been shipping the waste to China rather than recycling the goods in-state, according to a Seattle-based watchdog group.

OBP.org has the report:

Old electronics contain hazardous and toxic materials that can harm people and the environment. Last year, Puckett’s team planted GPS tracking devices inside 200 dead computers, TVs and printers and dropped them off at recycling facilities across the country. Signals from those tracking devices indicated that one-third of the electronics were exported.

The Basel Action Network reported in May that the largest e-waste processor in the Pacific Northwest, Total Reclaim, was found exporting old LCD TV monitors.

Now the Basel Action Network is naming Interconnection, EWC Group Inc. and IMS Electronics Recycling as additional e-waste exporters.

Read the full story here.

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