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Driver Shortage Hurting Deffenbaugh, Town & Country in K.C.

There’s been a long-term driver shortage in the U.S. and it’s definitely posed a challenge to the waste and recycling industry, along with others.

The latest anecdote in that saga comes from Kansas City where two of the largest refuse disposal companies in the region have cited a shortage of qualified drivers as a reason for service interruptions in the area. has the details:

Area trash pickup problems surfaced, or at least worsened, with two events last fall.

One was in early October, the bulky-item pickup day for Overland Park residents east of Antioch. The city offers the chance to get rid of an old couch or other large eyesores and hired Deffenbaugh to handle the work. The company fell behind, taking far longer to remove items than promised.

Prairie Village saw problems next. By February, Deffenbaugh district manager Paul Howe stood apologetically before the City Council.

Assistant city administrator Wes Jordan said he believes the events were more than coincidental.

“I was suspicious,” he said. “I was worried they were pulling drivers off our routes to get that massive problem (in Overland Park) taken care of.”

Read the full story here.


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