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Colerain Twp. and Rumpke Talking Settlement

Colerain Twp. and Rumpke Talking Settlement

After filing an appeal to a court ruling that would allow Rumpke to expand its Struble Road landfill, Colerain Township trustees are now considering a consent decree that would settle the lawsuit.

The proposed settlement zones the Rumpke property within the boundaries of Colerain Avenue to the west, Bank Road to the west and north, Crest Road to the North, Buell Road to the north and east, I-275 to the east and south, and Struble road to the south for landfilling, allowing Rumpke to expand its operations about 300 acres.

The township would receive money based on the tonnage of waste received for disposal. Colerain Township Administrator Jim Rowan said the average amount has been about 1.6 million tons, so the township would receive $1.25 million annually based on that amount. Once Hughes Road is vacated, Rumpke would pay an additional 25 cents per ton - about an additional $400,000. He said that could happen in 2016 if the settlement is accepted.

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