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NSWMA Establishes Policy on Product Stewardship

The National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) announced a new policy on product stewardship, endorsing it for some products, particularly those with toxic materials such as mercury.

The Washington-based association said in a news release that product stewardship may increase the safe management of some products, in particular those with toxic ingredients.

NSWMA said that successful product stewardship should be shared between manufacturers, retailers, government, consumers and the private and public sector recycling and solid waste industry.

NSWMA recommends that any proposed product stewardship legislation be designed to ensure that recycling and waste management systems continue to be cost-effective, innovative, efficient and result in enhanced environmental protection at no additional cost to taxpayers or consumers; that legislators conduct a comprehensive lifecycle analysis before designating products for mandated product stewardship; and that new programs should take place in a fully competitive marketplace with no antitrust immunity for product stewardship organizations.

“Private sector haulers and recyclers collect and process residential and commercial recyclables throughout the United States,” said Bruce Parker, NSWMA president and CEO. “Working with our public and private sector customers we have played a crucial role in increasing recycling in America. We offer practical experience in how to make recycling work effectively. We look forward to continuing to increase recycling in America.” 

Thirty-two states have product stewardship laws, most of which cover mercury-containing and electronics products.  Some newer laws cover materials that are more difficult to recycle, such as paint and carpet.

 For further information on product stewardship and NSWMA’s policy, contact Chaz Miller, NSWMA director of state programs, at 202-364-3742 or [email protected].





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