EIA: A Little Something Extra

Notable benefits await NSWMA and WASTEC members.

Members of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and the Waste Equipment Technology Association (WASTEC) regularly describe the opportunity to get involved in advocacy efforts and networking as primary benefits of membership. However, NSWMA-WASTEC partners with a number of providers to offer a variety of discounted, industry-targeted services to members. Many companies that take advantage of these NSWMA-WASTEC “endorsed business solutions” have saved enough money to cover the cost of their dues.

For example, Nielson & Company, the largest surety-only bond agency in the country, with over 20 years’ service to the waste industry, offers NSWMA members customized surety programs. These eliminate the need for collateral or irrevocable letters of credit as a condition for obtaining bonds, freeing up available bank credit to allow your business to grow. Strong relationships with top-rated providers translate into the most favorable terms and conditions for your surety bonds.

Card Payment Services (CPS) specializes in payment processing for the waste management industry and its suppliers. CPS assists NSWMA and WASTEC members with credit card processing and offers the lowest rates available. This includes utility rate pricing for NSWMA members and Level 3 Processing for WASTEC members, with additional savings on P-cards, ACH transactions and more. Some members have seen their processing fees decrease by more than 30 percent. If your company accepts credit card payments, you should talk to CPS about getting better services at a lower price with a free analysis.

Another example is the Waste Industry Marketplace, the online directory of companies, products and services for the solid waste and recycling industry. Brought to you by WASTEC and Waste Age, the Marketplace promotes WASTEC members and WasteExpo exhibitors, and offers a variety of upgrades and ads to increase your company’s web presence. If your company sells equipment or provides services to solid waste companies, you should be listed. If you procure products and services, you should be shopping at the Waste Industry Marketplace to familiarize yourself with the best products and services and find the best prices.

NSWMA-WASTEC is finalizing a new partnership with Assurance, a WASTEC member, to offer limited medical insurance or “mini-med” plans that can be used as a limited healthcare benefit plan for lower wage and part-time employees, or those who are not eligible for or cannot afford traditional major medical coverage. These lower cost plans provide an opportunity for small- to medium-sized business owners to offer health care coverage to their workers. On average, these plans cost anywhere from 25 percent to 50 percent of the price of traditional health insurance, putting them within reach of more employers and employees and can be used in conjunction with high deductible traditional health insurance plans.

Additional NSWMA-WASTEC-endorsed business solutions include insurance coverage provided by the AmWINS Group, drug testing from Concorde, a full range of shipping services from Ryan Transportation and online job postings in the Solid Waste Industry Job Center.
If your company is an NSWMA or WASTEC member, you should take advantage of these preferred services and discounts. If your company does not currently belong to NSWMA or WASTEC, these programs are additional reasons to join today. For more information about the NSWMA and WASTEC-endorsed business solutions, visit www.EnvironmentalistsEveryDay.org/business-solutions.

Thomas Metzger is director of comminications and public affairs for the National Solid Wastes Management Association. Reach him at (202) 364-3751.


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