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Waste Management’s New Salt Lake Material Recovery Facility Ramps to Full Production, Debuting a New Era in Recycling for Utah

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Working for a sustainable tomorrow, WM plans to expand community partnerships, increase recycling volumes and deliver the production materials needed by U.S. product manufacturers

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah Aug. 11, 2020  – Waste Management of Utah has announced the completion of its $17 million state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located in Salt Lake City. Processing ramped to full production last month at the modernized MRF, which utilizes the latest industry technology and advanced automation to sort and process recyclable materials.

“This recycling facility was custom designed and equipped to support the future recycling needs of the Salt Lake Valley, one of the fastest growing population centers in the country,” said Mark Snedecor, director of recycling operations for Waste Management of Utah. “The cutting-edge sorting equipment and expanded production capacity at the new facility will enable us to increase operational efficiencies and exceed the quality standards required by U.S. product manufacturers who buy the metals, cardboard, paper and plastics produced at this MRF.”

About the MRF

The new WM Salt Lake MRF occupies 50,000 square feet of space inside an existing structure at WM’s site located at 3405 West 900 South. The facility is comprised of a network of machinery equipped with advanced automation capabilities and sorting optics. Rotating fiber screens, ballistic motion separators, 2D and 3D optical sorters and barrel magnets are among technologies used to separate materials. More than 2.5 miles of fast-moving conveyor belts carry materials through this single-stream processing facility. At full capacity, the MRF can sort 35 tons of material an hour, 280 tons daily and more than 71,000 tons annually.

The new MRF supports recycling programs throughout the Salt Lake Valley, including processing the recycling for the municipality of Salt Lake City’s roughly 41,000 residential customers as well as numerous communities and businesses throughout the valley.

“With the new Salt Lake MRF up-and-running, our next goal is to grow our partnerships with like-minded recycling advocates,” said Blake Leonelli, Waste Management of Utah’s public sector representative. “We are looking to expand the number of area communities and businesses we service – partners committed to recycling as a proven way to conserve natural resources, benefit the environment and support U.S.-based product manufacturing.”

Municipalities, businesses and HOAs interested in recycling with WM of Utah, please contact Blake Leonelli at [email protected].

Industry Leadership in Recycling

Considered the largest recycler in North America, Waste Management continues to secure legitimate domestic buyers for the recycled materials produced at its processing facilities. As such, recycling programs supported by WM not only conserve natural resources but are assured to directly support American manufacturing. The thousands of tons of viable recyclables people put in recycling carts, and WM processes, are ultimately used as the raw materials to produce a wide range of everyday goods such as toilet paper, shipping boxes, beverage cans, containers for food and medical supplies, as well as more inventive items such as athletic shoes, clothing, carpeting and building materials.

To learn more about recycling visit www.wm.com/RecycleRight.

About Waste Management of Utah

Waste Management of Utah has served local Utah communities for 47 years. With more than 220 employees, Waste Management of Utah delivers comprehensive collection, recycling and disposal services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Committed to providing environmental solutions for a better future, the company continues to expand its fleet of clean-running compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. For more information about Waste Management visit www.wm.com/utah.


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