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Machinex Upgrades Cascades MRF in Ottawa

Machinex Upgrades Cascades MRF in Ottawa

Machinex installed and started up a container sorting line at Cascades Recovery in Ottawa.

The dual stream system, which serves the curbside program for the City of Ottawa, receives approximately 20,600 tons of containers per year.

Machinex also installed its widest optical sorter to date, a 3.2-meter wide MACH Hyspec, within this system.

Machinex was appointed by Cascades Recovery to complete a major retrofit of their containers sorting line to obtain a higher purity of containers and increase the throughput, while maintaining a minimum of manual sorting. The processing capacity has increased from seven to 15 tons per hour due to the modernization which allowed to reduce the operation time from two shifts to one.

Read the full press release here.

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