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A Look Inside Staten Island’s Recycling Plant

A Look Inside Staten Island’s Recycling Plant

The Pratt Industries’ recycling plant on Staten Island in New York handles approximately half of the paper waste produced in New York City.  The recycling plant, sometimes referred to as a “Millugator,” serves as both a paper mill and a corrugating factory.

Ralph Gardner Jr. of The Wall Street Journal recently visited the recycling plant to check out the trail of New York’s paper waste.

The Wall Street Journal has more information on what he encountered during his visit:

The recycling we put by our back doors or deposit at our curbs has to go somewhere. But have you ever wondered where, exactly, that is?

Fully half the paper waste produced by New York City—newspapers, boxes, catalogs, etc.—ends up at a massive recycling plant on Staten Island.

But run by Pratt Industries, it is much more than a recycling plant; it is also a paper mill. Or as the dedication plaque by the factory’s entrance describes it, a “Millugator”—a paper mill and a corrugating factory under one roof.

Read the full story here.

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