Trademark Metals Recycling Buys Tampa Recycling Firm

Trademark Metals Recycling LLC has bought recycler Gulf Coast Metals Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Both are based in Tampa, Fla.

Trademark Metals, a subsidiary of the Cincinnati-based David Joseph Co., which is part of Charlotte, N.C.-based Nucor Corp., purchased the assets and business of Gulf Coast, which operates four facilities in Florida, the company said in a news release.

Gulf Coast Metals operates Florida’s largest secondary aluminum melting operation, in Tampa. Three other recycling facilities are located in Gainesville, Sarasota and Tampa. All three sites provide full-service metal recycling, buying all grades of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.

Trademark said the acquisition is consistent with its growth strategy and demonstrates David Joseph’s commitment to expanding its existing regional recycling operations.

The secondary aluminum melting operation will enable Trademark to convert aluminum scrap into value-added products. This process consumes aluminum scrap, such as used beverage cans, old sheet, cast and painted siding. The finished products consist of spec aluminum alloys in the form of sows, ingots and cones, which are used primarily by the aluminum and steel industries.

Trademark Metals operates 26 scrap metal recycling facilities in Florida and Georgia, and employs more than 500. Its president is Timothy Brose.

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