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MedXwaste to Open New Medical Waste Transfer Station in Connecticut

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WEST HAVEN, Conn. -- MedXwaste, a leading provider of medical waste disposal services, announced today it has received approval for a new medical waste transfer station located in West Haven, Connecticut. The new facility will be designed to meet all current regulatory requirements for medical waste handling and provide consolidation for waste processing as well as boost energy savings.

As part of the approval, the transfer station, located at 81 Farwell Street in West Haven, Connecticut, will also include a new wash system for reusable sharps and medical waste containers. This will maximize high-level disinfection rates while having a positive impact on the environment. By using a wash system and local transfer station, MedXwaste is reducing their carbon footprint with minimal cardboard use, less non-reusable plastic sharps containers, and fewer materials needing to be processed.

"Our team has worked diligently in collaboration with town and industry officials for over 2 years to bring the transfer station to life and make it easier for customers to handle waste. Our company is very excited to move into the next phase of opening and utilizing the medical waste processing facility in West Haven, Connecticut. This facility will provide more efficient and streamlined services, while protecting the environment and energy use." said Sean Fredricks, CEO of MedXwaste.

"Our mission is centered on bringing peace of mind to our customers by delivering service through safety. We help our customers to maintain compliance, optimize costs, and create a better environment for everyone. This new facility is an expansion of our goals to provide access to even more businesses."

Additional benefits of the newly announced medical waste transfer facility include using tractor trailers for moving materials instead of small trucks for improved efficiency.

MedXwaste provides waste generators located in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Illinois with expert medical waste services to maintain OSHA compliance, keep employees safe and meet environmental responsibilities. MedXwaste also services clients nationwide through partnerships. With flexible pickup schedules, MedXwaste makes it possible for businesses to reduce the storage and handling of regulated medical waste. The new facility will ensure that the destruction and processing of waste are run under the highest standards.  

For more information about MedXwaste or to speak to a representative visit www.medxwaste.com 

About MedXwaste
Established by professionals with extensive experience in the medical waste business, MedXwaste promises to provide the best and most consistent services to our valued customers.

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