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Luber-finer® Launches Heavy-Duty TRT™ Oil Filter Line & Value Calculator

Article-Luber-finer® Launches Heavy-Duty TRT™ Oil Filter Line & Value Calculator

Luber-finer® oil filters, an industry leader and trusted brand in heavy-duty filtration, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Heavy-Duty Time Release Technology (TRT) Oil Filters. Designed to go beyond filtration, Luber-finer® TRToil filters provide users with an oil management system that helps maintain oil quality and reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals.

Design changes in emission-controlled, heavy-duty diesel engines have placed increased stress on engine oil. Luber-finer® TRToil filters have been specifically engineered to help reduce escalating fleet-maintenance costs and help heavy-duty fleets extend oil-change intervals by increasing the protection against oil degradation in modern diesel engines. Luber-finer® TRToil filters provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer. To optimize the benefits of this additive package, Luber-finer® TRToil filters deploy a patent-pending release mechanism, which dispenses the additive in a linear manner to help combat harmful acids that build up over time.

In addition to releasing its line of TRToil filters, the Luber-finer® team is also launching its new oil filter TRTValue Calculator. Found at www.luberfiner.com/value-calculator, the Luber-finer® oil filter TRTValue Calculator has been designed to help fleet managers better understand current maintenance costs associated with oil changes and determine their potential fleet savings by effectively using TRTfiltration products in the Luber-finer® product line. The new oil filter TRTValue Calculator is going to be part of the popular Luber-finer® mobile website and online parts-look-up and cross-reference tool. Downloadable for free at www.luber-finer.com/app, this mobile app has been designed to provide installers and other Luber-finer® partners with one-click access to filter product search and cross-reference information to help speed filter change productivity and operators turn bays quicker.

For more information on the Luber-finer®line of TRToil filters, please visit www.luberfiner.com.

Luber-finer® provides premium filtration solutions for on-highway fleets, as well as all off-road applications such as heavy construction, mining, agriculture, oil and gas industry and marine Luber-finer® has been a trusted name in filters for more than 76 years. Today Luber-finer® is Built To Do Moreby offering exceptional customer service, leading product development and unique digital strategies that help customers improve their performance and efficiency. For more information and the latest in heavy-duty filtration from Luber-finer®, please visit www.luber-finer.comor call (800) 851-3641. You can also follow Luber-finer® on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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