What's New in The Daily Grind

World Wastes' 1999 composting and greenwaste product survey highlights the latest designs in tub grinders, hammermills, windrow turners, chippers, shredders, containers and screens.

American Pulverizer Co., St. Louis, designs oversized, bulky waste shredders, which are ribbed with steel liners. A hydraulic opening of the front housing permits interior access. The shredder incorporates a circulating oil system bearing temperature detectors and a rifle-drilled shaft for bearing removal. Smaller models for shredding glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans, newsprint and paperboard also are available.

Baler Equipment Co., Portland, Ore., manufactures the Power Belt Press, which removes water from sludge and extrudes a dry solids cake. It typically is attached to the bottom of an existing screen or auger to convey wet sludge directly to the porous belt. From there, the sludge passes through 108-pounds per square inch (psi) rollers, which force the water through the belt and cause the dry solids cake to fly out the end. The belt press is automatic and accepts continuous infeed.

Bandit Industries Inc., Remus, Mich., offers a line of hand-fed chippers with 6"-, 9"-, 12"- and 18"-diameter capacities and a line of towable and self-propelled chippers with 13"-, 18"- and 19"-diameter capacities.

The Model 3680 Beast Recycler can reduce greenwaste and waste paper at a rate of up to 75 tons an hour. The unit is offered with Deere, Cummins or Caterpillar diesel engines ranging from 350 horsepower (hp) to 375 hp. It has a 4' high, 5' wide, automatic infeed conveyor. Road-legal without permits, 3680 is equipped with a 30' conveyor, which can discharge to a height of 17'6".

BioCorp., Redondo Beach, Calif., manufactures biodegradable bags made from corn starch. Greenwaste bags are available in 30-, 33- and 39-gallon sizes. Industrial liners for food and greenwaste are available in 55-, 60-, 70-, 80- and 90-gallon sizes.

Bulk Handling Systems Inc., Eugene, Ore., manufactures a portable pre-screening unit designed for medium- and large-scale processing yards. The unit is road-legal and self-powered.

Oversized material is carried over the debris roll screen and is conveyed off the unit at the trailer's axle end. This design allows material to be fed directly into the grinder after screening. A head pulley magnet removes tramp metal, and the fraction that travels through the screen is collected by an underslung conveyor and is discharged to a stacking conveyor.

Construction Machinery Inc. (CMI), Oklahoma City, manufactures Biogrind, a woodwaste grinder with a horizontal design, which provides continuous and contained feed. A release system has been designed to ensure that ungrindables are passed below and are not thrown into the air.

Continental Biomass Industries Inc., Newton, N.H., offers the CBI Magnum Force Series 4800 HZ Hog, a land-clearing machine that grinds full-length trees, stumps and brush. The unit is designed with two upper and two lower rugged feed rollers, and is powered by three heavy-duty high-torque planetary gear drives, which provide continuous positive feed. The hog chamber has full access in front and back, bolt-in liners throughout, stout grate and an anvil frame with a shear pin release system.

Diamond Z Manufacturing, Nampa, Idaho, offers the completely enclosed E6000 tub grinder. Its feeding system allows the grinding of all types of greenwaste and woodwaste, including stumps and pallets, at rates of up to 65 tons per hour using a CAT 800 hp engine and a 60" hammer mill. The enclosure eliminates airborne debris and suppresses noise and dust.

Double Tequipment, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, manufactures the Double T, which produces a tall, narrow windrow to facilitate gas exchange through convection and to reduce the anaerobic core and odor.

DuraTech, Jamestown, N.D., manufactures the HD 8 Whirlwind tub grinder, which can be towed by a 31/44-ton pickup with its 2 51/46 ball hitch. The unit has an 8' tub and a heavy-duty 26" long grinding hammermill. Other DuraTech industrial tub grinders include the new HD-10P Tornado Series V (Pintle Hitch), HD 10-F Tornado (Fifth Wheel), HD 12 Cyclone and TROMAX 6012.

Extec of North America, Lester, Pa., offers the Extec All Star, which eliminates trommel problems, such as screen blinding, material balling and slow production. By altering the rotating stars' speeds, operators can change the size of the screened material without downtime.

Express Blower (a division of Rexius Forest By-Products Inc.), Eugene, Ore., offers a pneumatic conveying system for spreading mulch and compost. The unit can blow most material at a rate of approximately 1 cubic yard (cy) per minute. The abrasion-resistant hoses, which give a range of more than 300 feet, come in adaptable sections to meet specific job demands. With additional hoses, the unit can blow as far as 800'. These hoses come in 4" and 5" diameters, making it possible to blow material ranging from fine bark products to coarse wood mulch.

Fecon, Cincinnati, manufactures Willibald MZA horizontal feed organic/woodwaste shredders. Featuring a continuous, floor-feeding mechanism and pull-in rollers, it can shred up to 50 tons of mixed yardwaste per hour. Self-diagnostic features protect against over-feeding and automatically reposition large loads.

Fecon's Willibald TBU3000 windrow turner was designed for trapezoidal (mass bed) composting, which allows the material to be stacked up to 10' high in a solid mass. The turner processes approximately 400 cy per hour.

The unit can be transported without special permits.

Frontier Manufacturing Co., Brooks, Ore., offers the Common Sense Machine aerator-turner, which is road-legal. Features include positive four-wheel drive and a 4" x 12" x 11/44" steel tube that is configured like a bridge to transfer loads over the entire structure.

Knight Manufacturing Corp., Brodhead, Wis., recently introduced its Models 1030 and 1040 Knight box spreaders. The units' all-welded construction includes a 6" reinforced channel tongue that pulls directly from the full-width, 5" square tube axle.

McCloskey Brothers, Manufac-turing, Ontario, Canada, manufactures portable trommel screens. The Caterpillar-powered units feature a 180 degree radial stocking conveyor and an extended reject conveyor which discharges up to 18' for truck loading. The company makes eight models.

Midwest Bio-Systems Inc., Tampico, Ill., manufactures the PT 120 Aeromaster pull-behind compost turner and the Aeromaster SP-155 self-propelled compost turner. The 155"-wide drum lifts and folds the material toward the middle of the pile. A 150 revolutions per minute (rpm) to 300 rpm drum speed shapes the material into a triangular windrow up to 6' high and 13' wide.

Mill Power Inc., Prineville, Ore., manufactures vibratory conveying and screening equipment. Custom deck designs including its Dyna-Fall finger screen are also available.

Morbark Sales Corp., Winn, Mich., manufactures the Model 1300 tub grinder. A standard 750-hp diesel engine from Caterpillar or Cummins supplies the power, while torque to the hammermill is increased by a factor of 1 to 6 through a gearbox drive. The engine, clutch and drivetrain have a full break-away torque limiter. Dual tub drive motors allow consistent material feeding, and dual 16" augers remove processed material quickly.

Morbark's Model PT737 portable trommel screen features a 37'-long x 7'-diameter trommel tube, which is constructed of 31/48"-thick steel plate. The trommel is supported by six 7"-diameter, self-centering steel wheels; 30' of screen cloth and 660 square feet of screen area.

Other Morbark products include the Model 5237C wood hog, which features a 52" long x 37" diameter Morbark hammermill, and a picking station, which has estimated production rates of up to 700 yards per hour.

Multitek Inc., Prentice, Wis., offers mobile screening systems, which feature a fail hammer system that breaks up material by keeping it in suspension and internal/external brushes. The Model 600 Series Multiscreen, which is designed for start-up compost facilities, is powered by an 80-hp John Deere diesel engine. It also features a 2 cy holding bin, 30"-wide infeed belt, 60" x 87" trommel screen, standard rejects/ overs conveyor and 30' folding belted conveyor.

Norseman Plastics, Buffalo, N.Y., manufactures the Earth Machine, a container that allows adequate ventilation and promotes organic materials' aerobic decomposition. It is made of polyethylene, which is resistant to ultraviolet light and makes use of recycled materials (post-consumer waste).

NaturTech Composting Systems Inc., St. Cloud, Minn., recently introduced a patent-pending composting system, which features 40-cy modified roll-off containers, 20-cy biofilter containers, positive fresh air delivery, negative process-air removal, computerized process control and data logging. Upon request, 50- or 57-cy containers are available. The 40-cy containers can hold and process approximately 25 tons each at 60 percent moisture. With a 21-day retention time, the standard system is rated at one ton per day per container.

Peterson Pacific, Eugene, Ore., manufactures three heavy-duty recyclers: * The HC 2400-A is designed with a horizontal chain feed conveyor and feed compression roller, and can output up to 225 cy of material per hour.

* The HC 3400-B features a horizontal hydraulic ram feed system and can process loads at output rates of up to 240 cy per hour.

* The HC 4400-B can process loads at output rates of up to 450 cy per hour.

The HC 7400 portable grinder is the largest grinder in Peterson's product line. Powered by an 800 hp diesel engine, the unit is capable of processing more than 600 cy per hour.

Peterson's TS 725 portable trommel screen is available with two- or three-sort configurations. It features a 60"-wide feed conveyor and 7'-diameter x 25'-long trommel drum.

Powerscreen International Distribution Ltd., Louisville, Ky., manufactures the Chieftain 8 x 4, 10 x 5 and the Turbo Chieftain. All units are outfitted with four bearing positive action screen arrangements, and high-capacity screening that produce three grades of material. The 8 x 4 and 10 x 5 are powered by a Cummins 4B3.9 76-hp engine developing 68 hp at 2,050 rpm. Complete with engine guard doors and an on-board diagnostic panel, the Turbo Chieftain has a Deutz 1012C 111-hp turbo engine developing 96 hp at 2,200 rpm.

Re-Tech, a division of Enviorquip Systems, Myerstown, Pa., manufactures portable and stationary picking stations - trommels for processing greenwaste, woodwaste, gravel, compost, C&D debris and topsoil. The company manufactures several models.

Resource Recovery Systems of Nebraska Inc., Sterling, Colo., manufactures the KW windrow composters, which feature a Caterpillar 3306 diesel engine and a 12" tunnel height adjustment. Speeds range up to 4 miles per hour in forward and reverse.

Saturn Shredders, division of MAC Corporation, Grand Prairie, Texas, manufactures mobile and stationary shredding equipment and systems. The company offers rotary shear shredders and low speed, high torque units and turnkey systems with shredder ranges of 75 hp to 600 hp.

Scat Engineering, Delhi, Iowa, offers turning equipment for large-scale composting and bioremediation operations. Scat's blenders, stack turners and windrow turners work on a driveline that is comprised of slow-moving parts. The units are designed to maximize aeration, shorten bio reduction time and improve odor control and end-product quality.

Scarab Manufacturing Inc., White Deer, Texas, manufactures Legal Load Windrow composting machines, which operate at 240 hp to 525 hp. Designed for composting at multiple sites, the Scarab legal load machines can be transported without permits.

Universal Refiner Corp., Montesano, Wash., manufactures the road-legal Contender grinder, which is powered by a N14-475 Cummins engine that will grind stumps and large chunks up to 80"-diameter by 5,000 pounds. The 50,000-pound grinder is 42' long x 13'4" high and 8'4" wide. The hopper's dimensions are 8'4" x 12'6".

Wildcat Manufacturing Co. Inc., Freeman, S.D., manufactures compost turner attachments that fit on front-end and crawler loaders. These turners can be fitted with a quick coupler, which allows the loader to be used for multiple purposes. The company produces 16 standard models and various specialty models, which range in capacities from 250 tons per hour (tph) to 4,250 tph.

Valoraction Inc., Sherbrooke, Canada, manufactures the 1012 Sittler windrow turner models. The MM series rotors are driven by a self-contained diesel power unit (Perkins 6-cylinder, 152 hp or 190 hp). The self-propelled models SP12 and SP14 are powered by a 148-hp diesel motor.

Carol Green, World Wastes' directory editor and Managing Editor Patti Verbanas contributed to this report.