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P.O. Box 6000
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
Phone: 541-471-9223
Fax: 541-476-8334
E-mail: Sales@accu-trax.com
Web site: www.accu-trax.com

A software and hardware package that has been designed, tested and utilized by a sanitation company for over 10 years is being released on an international basis. Accu-Trax is one of the most efficient routing, billing and management systems on the market today.

A photograph of NCO's and Extras is a unique feature of Accu-Trax. In addition, Accu-Trax provides an accurate accounting of all driver activity including precise location and time and provides GPS tracking of trucks.

Accu-Trax is a complete software/hardware package that will provide the necessary data to streamline operations and improve revenue. Accu-Trax also provides critical management and office staff data for increased efficiency and profits.

Accu-Trax comes standard with all the features you pay extra for in most other software packages.

American Baler Co.

800 East Center Street
Bellevue, OH 44811
Ph: 800-843-7512
Fax: 419-483-3815
Contact: Roger Williams, General Sales Manager
Jim Edmondson, National Sales Manager
Pyramid Creative Group, Inc.
920-687-1800 (104)

American Baler is one of the country's oldest and most trusted manufactures of custom-designed, industrial-grade balers. These balers are specifically engineered to achieve the highest bale density per ton while reducing wire usage and power consumption. Baler configurations used within the waste processing industry are horizontal single-ram and two-ram models. American Baler features high-compaction, high-volume throughput with the added benefits of low-maintenance auto-wire tying systems, touch screen operator controls, and integrated safety features.

American Baler models are supported by a comprehensive parts inventory, a global network of factory-trained dealers, and direct phone access to timely customer service and technical support. Customers include municipal recycling facilities, MRFs, as well as scrap yards that recycle non-ferrous scrap. American Baler Company is known for successfully baling all kinds of materials, including appliances, radiators, foam rubber, Styrofoam, rubber, ONP, OCC, UBC, copper wire, magazines, aluminum siding, office waste and solid waste.

Capstone Turbine

21211 Nordhoff Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph: 818.734.5300
Fax: 818.734.5320
Web site: www.capstoneturbine.com

Capstone Turbine, Chatsworth, Ca., offers microturbine power/heat generators fueled by landfill or sewage flare gases (>350Btu/scf). Capstone currently offers 30-kW modules, but a biogas-fueled version of their 60-kW system will be previewed at the 2004 WASTECON and WEFTEC, the company says. Zero-hardware arraying is built in, so any number can be aggregated to generate up to a megawatt or more with multi-module redundancy (such as Capstone's 12-unit LFG-fueled cogeneration deployment near Chicago that was recently named “Project of the Year” by the US EPA). Heavy-duty Capstone MicroTurbines are H2S “sour” tolerant up to 70,000 ppm, have only one moving part, and use no lubricants or coolants. Better combustion and lower emissions than flaring are achieved without any exhaust treatment devices or chemicals. Since introducing microturbines in 1998, the company has sold more than 3,000 worldwide. NEMA3R, UL2200, UL1741, CEC Rule 21, CARB DG 2003, CSA, CE.

The Curotto Can

850 Knight Street
Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: (707) 939-2802
Web site: www.thecurottocan.com

The Curotto Can, manufactured in Sonoma, California, is an automated system for the pickup of residential carts ranging from 32 to 90 gal. capacity. It takes about a minute to mount the Curotto Can system to the forks of a standard front loader, using a simple three point disconnect. Haulers can then work residential during the day and commercial at night. The Curotto Can has several unique features. The arm is mounted in the back, which provides for a smooth ride and lowers maintenance costs. Also, because of the arm's location, none of the hydraulic components are exposed to accidental damage. The pickup-dump-return cycle is under 5 seconds. The arm has a 602 reach and is of an offset design, which allows more cartloads to be emptied into the Can before dumping into the hopper becomes necessary. The low curbside loading height allows bulky items such as furniture and appliances to be loaded, using either the grabbers or by hand. The opening on the can has a fall-away rubber flap, which allows the lower loading height without sacrificing Can capacity. The Curotto Can system allows haulers to accept ‘take all’ contracts.


59 Penn Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 740-3900
Fax: (416) 740-3800
Web site: www.ecolo.com

Ecolo is in the business to control unwanted odors — safely, unobtrusively, and at a reasonable cost. We design, install and maintain automatic odor control solutions for every situation. Because unwanted smells are not specific to any industry, Ecolo Odor Control Systems are used by a wide variety of customers to keep their facilities odor-free — whether you manage a sports stadium, sewage treatment plant, hotels, apartments, or anything in between.

Since beginning operations in 1975, we have never met an organic odor we could not eliminate. Ecolo is constantly expanding through a network of protected, exclusive, distribution territories. Currently, there are Ecolo distributors in over 37 countries. The growth in the environmental and odor control markets has greatly fueled our development over the past two decades.

Ecolo airSolutions have been certified safe and non-toxic by government health departments around the world, as well as by leading independent laboratories.


Phone: (920) 231-2770
Web site: www.leachusa.com

Leach Company was founded in 1887 and, in 1932, began manufacturing refuse-collection equipment. At that time, household waste was picked up in unsanitary open-top vehicles. Leach developed the first enclosed refuse-collection vehicle (The Garbage Getter) and began nationwide sales of manufactured refuse-collection equipment.

For 70+ years, Leach has earned a solid reputation as the trusted and durable workhorse of the industry. Wittke is seen as reliable, high-tech and innovative by customers. Now Leach and Wittke are being combined into a single Leach brand that's Stronger All Around.

As a Federal Signal Company, Leach continues to be the source for the most dependable rear-loaders, and now offers high productivity front- and side-loaders as well. The combination means customers have more choices, more products and more support than ever before. Leach products are marketed through a professional dealer network to provide after-sale service and customer support.


Contact: Tracy Timmerman
524 County Road 34 E
Dodge Center, MN 55927
Phone: (507) 374-6321
Fax: (507) 374-6306
E-mail: ttimmerman@mcneilusco.com
Web site: www.mcneiluscompanies.com

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, an Oshkosh Truck Corporation Company, is among the leading refuse body manufacturers in the industry today. McNeilus offers a full complement of bodies, ranging from the tough rear loaders known throughout the industry as dependable work horses, to the innovative AutoReach(r) automated side loader. McNeilus also fields one of the most comprehensive sales, service, and support networks in the country, with facilities near most major population centers. Technical support is only a phone call away at 877-PACK-MTM day or night. McNeilus is also leading the way in safety through sponsorship of the “Slow Down To Get Around” initiative. Join McNeilus today by placing the “Slow Down” decals on your vehicles to help raise public awareness to the safety concerns of refuse workers and others placed in harms way on our roadways every day. Visit our Web site at www.mcneiluscompanies.com for more information.

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