• The American Transportation Research Institute, Alexandria, Va., has released a study of the use of electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) to monitor drivers' hours of service. The study was conducted in anticipation of possible federal EOBR mandates. For more information, visit www.atri-online.org.

  • The National Electronics Recycling Infrastructure Clearinghouse has posted financial and collection data for state e-recycling laws. To view the information, visit ct.pbinews.com.

  • Veolia ES Solid Waste, formerly Onyx Waste Services, has acquired solid waste collection, hauling and recycling services in Charleston, Ill., and Clarion, Pa., from Allied Waste Services. The acquisition affects Coles, Cumberland, Moultrie, Douglas and Shelby counties in Illinois and the Pennsylvania counties of Clarion, Forest and Jefferson.

  • Officials in St. Lucie County, Fla., announced that they have green-lighted a $425 million facility designed to vaporize landfill waste and wastewater sludge using arcs of plasma.