Update: Retread Ahead

PACIFIC GROVE,CALIF. - Approximately 31.4 million retreaded tires were sold in North America in 1996, with sales totaling approximately two billion dollars, according to the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIBE). Of the 31.4 million re-treaded tires, 4.6 million were sold for passenger cars, 7.7 million for light trucks, 18.1 million for medium and heavy trucks and 980 thousand for other vehicles (aircraft, off-the-road vehicles, industrial/lift trucks, motorcycles and farm equipment). Overall, 630 million pounds of tread rubber was used by the North American retread tire industry in 1996.

There are approximately 1,440 retreading plants in North America, of which approximately 90 percent are owned/operated by independent small businesses whose collective investment is over one billion dollars. The remaining 10 percent are owned/operated by new tire manufactures.

Retreaded tires give the same mileage as comparable new tires, at a lower cost-per-mile. Furthermore, the cost of a passenger car retreaded tire will generally be 30 percent less than the cost of a new tire. Truck re-tread savings are greater. In 1996, this meant more than $2 billion savings for consumers.

Retreading tires conserves more than 400 million gallons of oil every year, according to TRIBE. Retreading tires also greatly reduces solid waste disposal problems by keeping tires out of landfills and on the road where they belong.

For more information write to: The Tire Retread Information Bureau, 900 Weldon Grove, Pacific Grove, Calif. 93950. (408) 372-1917. Fax: (408) 372-8732.