Ultimate Pigout

Remember being a child and feeding your dog the food off your plate you didn't want to eat? Students at exclusive Webb Schools in California have a similar opportunity, only this time they'll be feeding their leftovers to pigs. A senior at the school persuaded the deans to bring in a trio of 40-pound piglets to get rid of the food waste rather than send it to a landfill. The hungry hogs are expected to eat 7 pounds to 8 pounds of leftovers every day.

Source: Newsweek

Super Waste For the folks at Waste Management Inc.'s Atlanta operations, cleaning up the Georgia Dome after Super Bowl XXXIV was no different from cleaning up after any Atlanta Falcons game. After garbage was collected and bagged by Georgia Dome employees, WMI hauled two of its three compactors into the facility to pick up about 14 tons of waste and take it to a nearby landfill.

However, more materials were recycled after the Super Bowl than after a Falcons game. For another year, the National Football League (NFL) Environmental Program, New York, recruited local volunteers to collect almost 3 tons of alumninum, plastic and glass from about 230 box suites at the Dome, as well as 12 tons of corrugated cardboard from the NFL Experience attraction next door at the Georgia World Congress Center. At the media center, 1.2 tons of old newspaper and 1,200 pounds of aluminum also were recycled. Sounds like the Super Bowl of cleanups.

Source: Waste Management Inc., Atlanta; NFL Environmental Program, New York