2000 Truck & Body Report

Welcome to Waste Age's showcase of refuse trucks and bodies for the year 2000. An annual tradition for more than 20 years, this report provides a review of the latest trucks and front, rear and side loaders. This information is the most current and complete as of press time, and was prepared by the editors of Waste Age and our sister publication, Fleet Owner.

Refuse Truck Bodies Bridgeport Bridgeport Refuse Trucks Inc., Bridgeport, Texas, manufactures an automated side loader (BTMASL) that can accommodate various-sized containers with one set of grippers. Bridgeport's bodies include such features as double rail arms, air-operated packaging devices and AR 500 steel, the company states. Bridgeport also manufacturers front end loaders and manual side loaders.

Crane Carrier Crane Carrier Co. (CCC), Tulsa, Okla., manufacturers a packaged front loader that features a low-entry chassis and body with 8,000-pound capacity lift arms, 5-inch diameter lift arm cylinders, 18- to 20-second lift cycles and a 38-cubic-yard capacity base model body.

Crain Carrier's integrated front loader (IFL) comes in 44-cubic-yard and 49-cubic-yard capacity models, as well as in a 44-cubic-yard capacity model with a pusher lift axle.

The company's RRL rear loader has dual compartments and comes in 25- or 28-cubic-yard models. The integrated single axle rear loader (IRL) is offered in a 20-cubic-yard model and 22-cubic-yard model with pusher lift axle. The IRL tandem drive axle models are available in 28-cubic-yard and 31-cubic-yard capacity models, and a 31-cubic-yard capacity model with a pusher lift axle.

Dempster Toccoa, Ga.-based Dempster Equipment Co. features the Dempster Residential Front Loader (RFL) with curbside drive and side-mounted cart dumpers to allow for single-operator collection. The front loader features a single-button, fully automatic dump and packer cycle, a short wheel base, low overall height and a low center of gravity, according to the company. New for 2000, the RFL can be ordered with a split body for recyclables collection.

Other front loaders include the Dempster DM2 and XHD models. The DM2 is a mid-packing front loader designed for commercial collection that has a 16-second lift-and-load cycle, and has a 30-second compaction cycle while the vehicle is in motion. Dempster's XHD front loader features pressure-side filtration, according to the company. The XHD has a 16-second loading cycle and a 47-second packing cycle.

The company's rear loaders include the Route King II with a 3-cubic-yard pre-crushing hopper and swing-link packer designed to eliminate slides, tracks and rollers, according to Dempster.

The Dempster RecyclePac II is a two-compartment collection/compaction vehicle featuring a side-loading dual bin and hopper design, and two independently controlled tailgates (from the cab). There are three body capacities from which to choose. The company also is introducing the Recycle One Exceed, an automated curbside recycling loader, which has a curbside trough with a 12-second loading cycle. This recycling side loader can be ordered in single-side or dual-side versions, and is available with the Exceed payload distribution feature.

Fontaine Modification Fontaine Modification Co., Springfield, Ohio, offers the EZ-View right hand standup cab for International Trucks. Among the EZ-View cab features are adjustable doors and locks, parts replacement with threaded fasteners, in-cab safety shaft covers and a hinged rubber floor grating. Optional flip-down seat and several service and park brake control configurations are available.

Groupe Chagnon In November 1999, Groupe Chagnon Ltd., Varennes, Quebec, Canada, plans to introduce the 2000 CRE Series with two models: the Heavy Duty Special and a rear loader adaptable to international markets.

Groupe Chagnon currently offers the CRE series with 16-cubic-yard to 32-cubic-yard capacities, unequal weight transfer to the front axle, tailgate hydraulic locking latches, a hydraulic system available around the world and a lower tailgate working height.

The company's Rear-End Packer model 2000 is a 4,000-pound machine that can be transported inside a maritime container and usually is used in the international market.

Heil Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Heil Environmental Industries Ltd. introduces several new truck bodies for 2000, including the Semi-Trailer Automated Rapid Rail (STARR) System, which features an 8-foot reach, dual-sided continuous packing plate, and a variety of container grabbers and size options. It has a detachable body and storage system to allow the operator to park a full body and continue with another empty body.

Heil's DuraPack products include the DuraPack Half/Pack, which comes in 35-cubic-yard and 40-cubic-yard models in dump or eject styles, with options available for residential collection or heavy duty operation. The SC (Southern California) and WC (West Coast) front loaders are designed for areas where truck weight restrictions are a major consideration. They feature curved body sides, low overall profiles, patented clamp-on arms, sump clean-out doors and newly designed in-cab control centers. The DuraPack DPF 7000 is a fully automated one-person collection system. Its lift assembly has a 72-inch reach and can handle carts weighing up to 2,000 pounds. With Auto-Pack, automatic latching and unlatching tailgate locks, and discharge operations can be completed from within the cab.

The company's DuraPack Family Big Bite is a commercial rear loader featuring a reinforced hopper lip, sloped hopper floor and curved blade, an ejector/packer assembly, replaceable ejector shoes and slide shoe bearings, and all-chrome cylinder rods and sleeves. The Big Bite, which began production last March, has a packing force of 115,000 pounds through its 2,500 pound-per-square-inch (psi) hydraulic system.

Heil's Formula 5000 has joined the DuraPack series with a new curved body shell, hidden hydraulic tubes and the DPF fully welded interlaced subframe. The 5000 uses a link arm packing mechanism and features cushioned chrome cylinders. Body sizes range from 18 cubic yards to 32 cubic yards.

The Formula 7000 Split Body collects two commodities at once when used with a split cart - a divider in the hopper diverts commingled recyclables into the top compartment while sending refuse into the bottom. Each body also can be dumped separately. The 7000 lift assembly has a 72-inch reach and can handle carts up to 2,000 pounds.

The mid-range Formula 4000 rear loader features a full seam welded body, high tensile steel in the hopper and packing plate. Body sizes range from 11 cubic yards to 25 cubic yards. An 84-inch narrow body width also is available.

The R-2000, available in 33-yard and 38-yard sizes, provides either dual-side or single-side loading bins that empty into separate compartments. The unit's double bubble tailgate allows each compartment to be unloaded individually. The Swing-Link packer design packs both compartments with one set of cylinders.

Heil's Retriever Satellite side loader, available in 6-cubic-yard and 10-cubic-yard models, has packing rates of 600 pounds per yard to 900 pounds per yard.

Impac Norman, Okla.-based Impac manufactures a side-loading automated refuse collection body. When equipped with the optional Universal Mast, the IMPAC can pick up 90-gallon to 400-gallon plastic containers, according to the company. It also can pick up steel containers that range in size from 1.5 cubic yards to 4 cubic yards without changing attachments. The IMPAC body is made of 31/416-inch steel, with a 20-cubic-yard to 33-cubic-yard compaction storage area.

Kann Manufacturing Kann Manufacturing, Guttenberg, Iowa, manufactures two- and three-compartment residential front loaders and a two-compartment front loader for commercial collection. The company's single-compartment side loaders are manufactured either with an automated arm, or a trough and cart dumper. A curbside multi-compartment recycling body with manual and trough loading also is available.

Labrie Equipment The Expert 2000 is a side loading body on a drop frame chassis for manual and semi-automated residential collection. Manufactured by Labrie, St. Nicholas, Quebec, Canada, the Cool Hand automated arm enables the same vehicle to collect manual and automated routes.

The Top Select recycling body has a full range of body capacities and collection configurations for on-the-route adjustability, according to the company.

Labrie also features the Optimizer, a front loader for commercial waste collection that includes a full eject-type compactor, light body weight, curved body shape and push motion fork activation.

Leach The new Millennium front loader manufactured by the Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wis., is engineered with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and tested with microstrain gauging. The Millennium includes enhanced track channels, roof sheets and heavy duty tailgate hinges. A floor trough formed from a single piece of 51/416-inch, 80,000 psi steel creates a natural drainage for waste seepage, according to the company.

Loadmaster Norway, Mich.-based Loadmaster's Legacy rear loader includes a curved ejection blade, hydraulic controls, a body side door for maintenance access, tailgate locks and an optional container "kick" bar. The wiring on all of Loadmaster truck bodies has its function printed directly on the wire and is enclosed in a protective, nylon loom covering.

The Loadmaster Edge series has a 1,000-pound-per-yard compaction force. The truck features a tag axle option, which shifts the weight off the rear axle to the front axle, according to the company. Loadmaster's 3-cubic-yard hopper, the Rapid Cycle Hopper, also is designed to accept the tag axle. The tag axle also is available on the Loadmaster 100 Series.

The 400 series features ejection blades, hydraulic controls, body side doors and tailgate locks. The blades on the 400 ride on rollers. The 7-inch-diameter bore and sweep cylinders can crush large, bulky materials, the company states.

McClain Industries McClain Industries E-Z Pack, Utica, Mich., manufactures Apollo rear loaders for residential applications and Goliath rear loaders for commercial/ industrial applications. They feature a "no track" hopper design, 16- to 31-cubic-yard capacities and a large-capacity hopper.

The company's Hercules front loaders feature 34- to 45-cubic yard capacities, automatic lock/unlock rear door, a built-in 100-gallon sump and full-eject or gravity off-loading options.

The E-Z Pack HCR high-capacity recycler comes in capacities of 34 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. It has horizontally divided body sections with individual packing blades, automatic tailgate latches and a 12-second cycle time. E-Z Pack side loaders are manufactured in 29- to 39-cubic yard capacities and feature unitized body-hopper construction and a self-locking hydraulic tailgate.

Pak-Mor Manufacturing Pak-Mor Manufacturing, San Antonio, manufactures a complete line of refuse handling and containerization bodies. The ASR4000 synthetic container handling machine, the company's newest product, is fully automated for residential collection. It fea- tures a continual packing unit which can handle 60-gallon to 440-gallon synthetic containers.

Scranton Scranton Manufacturing Co., Scranton, Iowa, offers a full line of New Way refuse bodies from 6 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. The company also manufactures front loaders, large automated vehicles and drop frame side loaders, and expects to add a split-body, automated, scale-based vehicle that can pick up recyclable items and trash in one pass.

Smart Truck Systems Moreno Valley, Calif.-based Smart Truck Systems manufactures refuse truck bodies, and waste collection and recycling equipment. The product line includes front loader refuse bodies, automated side loaders, roll-offs, roll-off boxes, compactors and front loader automated buckets.

Walinga Inc. Walinga Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada, manufactures the Champion recycler with capacities of 21-cubic yard to 46-cubic-yards. Other options include a 4- to 7-yard Hydraulic Bustle Gate and a receiving hopper with a low loading height. The hopper and automatic cart lifter are designed to accommodate multiple auto lock roll carts.

A simple "manual load" drop deck style body on a Walinga chassis also is available in single- and double-sided models in various sizes and shapes.

Wayne Engineering Cedar Falls, Iowa-based Wayne Engineering has introduced the new 2000 Alley Cat. The Alley Cat Royal GT 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-cubic-yard rear loaders have a lightweight, high-strength, curved-shell body design, low loading height, automatic latching tailgate and a selection of container dumping devices. Container dumping options also are available in the Super Series 6- and 8-cubic-yard rear loaders.

The rest of the Alley Cat line includes the 6-cubic-yard Pulp side loader, and the curved-shell 6- and 10-cubic-yard TomCat satellite side loaders.

Wittke Waste Equipment In Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Wittke produces lightweight packer bodies. Configurations include commercial and residential front loaders and drop-frame manual and automated side loaders.

Class 6-7 Trucks Bering This spring, Bering Truck Corp. officially launched its product line with its MD Series trucks. The Class 6 trucks feature Cummins ISB turbocharged diesel engines and other U.S. components, including Meritor WABCO ABS systems, Delco Remy starters and alternators, as well as Kysor fans, fan clutches and fuel tanks.

Two cab chassis models are available: the MD23 has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 23,000 pounds (lbs), and the MD26 is rated at 25,950 lbs. Both models come standard with ZF 6S-850 6-speed manual, with synchronized 6.72 ratio first gear and 0.79 ratio overdrives. Both are offered in four wheel base configurations: 149, 168, 193 and 224 inches. The MD23 also is available in a 130-inch wheel base.

Ford Ford Motor Co., Detroit, has added two trucks, the Class 6 F-650 and Class 7 F-750, to its year-2000 Super Duty F-Series stable. The trucks are offered as regular cab (110.1-inch BBC), SuperCab (131-inch BBC) and crew cab (145.5-inch BBC) models. The F-650 has a GVWR of 26,000 lbs, and the F-750 has a 30,000- or 33,000-lb GVWR.

The F-650 and F-750 are available with a choice of three diesel engines/ horsepowers (hp): Cummins 5.9-liter ISB (175, 190 or 195 hp), Caterpillar 3126E (190, 210, 230, or 250 hp), or Ford 7.3-liter PowerStroke (210 hp). Manual transmission offerings are Eaton FS-4205A and 5205A 5-speeds; Eaton FS-5306A and 6306A 6-speeds; and Spicer ES52-7B 7-speed and ES066-7B 7-speed with overdrive. Allison AT-545 4-speed, MD-3050CR 5-speed and MD-3560WR 6-speed automatics also are available.

Freightliner Freightliner Corp. has made the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 diesel the standard offering in its medium-duty Business Class models. A 6.4-liter, in-line 6-cylinder engine; a 4.3-liter in-line 4-cylinder version is expected to become available later this year. The 6-cylinder MBE900 is rated from 190 hp to 300 hp with a peak torque of 860 lbs/ft at 1,250 revolutions per minute (rpm). The 4-cylinder MBE900 will offer ratings from 150 to 190 hp, with up to 520 lbs/ft of torque.

According to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the MBE900 offers oil and filter change intervals extending to 20,000 miles or 15,000 miles in stop-and-go applications. The engine idles at 600 rpm. Also new to the Business Class is an optional Aisin A581 automatic transmission.

General Motors Detroit-based General Motors Corp. (GMC) has announced engine changes to its medium duty GMC and Chevrolet conventional C-Series and low-cab-forward T-Series trucks. Both trucks have a 207-hp Caterpillar 3126B, aftercooled, in-line 6-cylinder, 7.2-liter turbodiesel engine. Allison's AT545 automatic is the standard transmission. Eaton Fuller manuals are optional.

All C-Series models will offer the GMC Vortec 7400MD V8 gasoline engine, which entered production last fall. The engine comes in either a 210-hp rating with 325 lbs/ft of torque or a 270-hp rating with 405 lbs/ft of torque. The Vortec powerplant also is available in a 270-hp LPG-fueled version.

GMC also says it has adjusted prices in its T-Series models to make the tiltcabs more price-competitive with its C-Series conventional trucks.

Hino Last year, Hino Diesel Trucks, Orangeburg, N.Y., introduced Class 6-7 models, which range in GVWR from 22,300 lbs to 32,900 lbs, were given computer-controlled anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and powerplants re-engineered to meet stricter emissions regulations. This year, Hino has concentrated on improving the driver's environment. The 2000 FD, FE, FF and SG models feature a standard air suspension driver's seat, standard power windows, lighted outside mirrors and a larger windshield washer tank located next to the driver's seat.

Hino Class 6-7 trucks have standard 5- or 6-speed manual transmissions, with optional Allison automatics available. The diesel engine is a 6-cylinder, in-line 4-valve OHC.

Isuzu Daytime running lights and ABS now are standard on all Isuzu Motors American, Whittier, Calif., F-Series trucks. The units feature a low-cab-forward design. Class 6 FSR and Class 6-7 FTR models are powered by a turbocharged, intercooled 6-cylinder diesel engine that delivers 200 hp at 2,400 rpm and 441 lbs/ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. In Class 7, the heavier duty FVR is powered by Isuzu's 6HK1-TC 6-cylinder diesel.

All F-Series trucks are equipped with a 6-speed Isuzu MLD6Q manual transmission with overdrive. An Allison AT545 automatic with overdrive is optional on FSR and FTR models. F-Series trucks are available with wheel bases from 140 inches to 248 inches.

Kenworth Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., is rolling out its new Class 7 K37 cabover while its existing medium-duty T300 conventional will see no major changes this year.

The 33,000-lb GVWR K37 COE boasts a new cab designed in Europe by Paccar subsidiary Leyland DAF. The truck will be offered in four wheel bases running from 169 inches to 236 inches. A Cummins ISB engine, in ratings up to 230 hp, 6-speed synchro transmission, Eaton Spicer axles and Meritor WABCO four-channel ABS are standard features.

Mack Trucks Mack Trucks, Allentown, Pa., has revamped its Mid-Liner MS-Series cabover and improved the interior of its Mid-Liner CS-Series. The MS now is distinguished by a smoother front grille that is designed to improve airflow and simplify headlamp adjustment and replacement. It also has rounded-corner air deflectors and a front-of-cab grab handle. Interiors of both the MS and CS feature new seat fabrics as well as standard radio prep packages with side-panel-mounted speaker grilles.

MS and CS engine choices include 190- and 220-hp, 6-cylinder turbodiesels. The trucks come with manual or automatic transmissions.

Mitsubishi Fuso This year, the OEM is adding ABS and daytime running lights as standard features to improve safety. Power doors and windows also are available as standard equipment on all models.

The Class 6 FK model offers a GVWR of 23,000 lbs with a payload capacity of up to 15,010 lbs. At the upper end of Class 6 is the FM-MR truck, rated at 25,995 lbs GVW. Three Class 7 models also are offered: the FM-HR with 30,000-lb GVWR; FM-SR with 32,900-lb GVWR; and FM-SP at 32,900-lb GVWR and a payload capacity of up to 22,670 lbs. The FK, FM-MR, FM-HR and FM-SR are powered by 7.5-liter, 6-cylinder Mitsubishi 6D16-2AT3 diesel engines that produces 200 hp at 2,600 rpm.

Navistar International Navistar International Transportation Corp. reports no changes to its line of Class 6-7 trucks for 2000. The next major medium-duty introduction will be the Next Generation Vehicle (NGV) program, slated for 2001.

The current line of Class 6-7 International 4700-Series trucks and tractors are available with GVWRs ranging from 21,500 lbs to 46,000 lbs Engines include International diesels engines in ratings from 175 hp to 210 hp, as well as engines supplied by other manufacturers. Five-speed manuals and 4-speed Allison automatic transmissions are available.

Class 6-7 International 4000-Series trucks include: 4700 4x2; 4700 Lo-Profile 4x2; 4700 LPX 4x2; 4800 4x4; 4900 4x2, and 4900 extended-length cab. The wheel bases on the 4000-Series vehicles range from 128 inches to 154 inches.

Peterbilt Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, is launching a Class 7 Model 270 COE. No major changes have been made to its Class 6-7 Model 330.

Model 270 features a cab based on a design from Paccar's European subsidiary, Leyland DAF. The cab, which is constructed of galvanized stamped steel, boasts a low floor height and doors that open 90 degrees. The truck's 50-degree wheel cut is designed to ease maneuverability. The 33,000-lb GVWR Model 270 comes standard with a 175-hp Cummins ISB engine and can be ordered with ratings up to 230 hp.

Sterling Sterling Truck Corp. has announced no major changes to its Class 6-7 lineup. The short-nose conventional L7500 can be ordered as a single- or tandem-axle truck or tractor. Truck GVWRs extend from 21,000 lbs to 66,000 lbs, and tractors offer a maximum GCWR of 80,000 lbs. Cummins and Caterpillar diesel engines in ratings from 175 hp to 300 hp are available.

L7500 options include electronic automatic transmissions, motorized West Coast mirrors, 19.5-inch wheels, and fender-mounted spot mirrors. Fleet owners also can choose the OEM's AirLiner air-suspension unit or taperleaf springs.

The OEM's low-cab-forward Cargo also is offered in truck and tractor versions. The Cargo SC7000 comes in GVWRs from 25,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs. The GVWR of the Cargo SC8000 starts at 33,000 lbs.

UD Trucks Medium-duty UD Trucks, Dallas, Texas, remain unchanged in 2000. The UD2300LP and UD2300DH are rated 23,000 lbs GVW; the UD2600 is rated 25,995 lbs GVW; the UD3000 at 30,000 lbs GVW; and the UD3300 at 32,900 lbs GVW. Depending on the model, the trucks can accommodate body lengths between 12 feet and 26 feet. They come standard with Nissan Diesel FE6TA turbo, dry-sleeved, in-line 6-cylinder diesel engines that deliver 225 hp and 492 lbs/ft of torque.

Nissan 6-speed manual transmissions are standard. Allison automatics are also available. All models except the UD3300 are equipped with an air-over-hydraulic brake system and standard ABS. The UD3300 uses a full air brake system and with a standard ABS.

Class 8 Trucks Bering Bering Truck Corp. reports its first Class 8 units will arrive at dealers by the end of the third quarter this year.

Class 8 single- and tandem-axle tractors will be in production at Bering's Front Royal plant by year's end. Chassis for dump and roll-off applications are slated to enter production in 2000.

All Bering trucks combine American-made powertrains and components with Korean-built Hyundai chassis and COE cabs. United States-based suppliers include Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Dana Spicer and Eaton.

Class 8 models include: the HD-160 cab chassis with 37,690 lbs GVW; HD-390 single-axle tractor with 60,000 lbs or 80,000 lbs GCW; HD-540 tandem tractor with 80,000 lbs GCW; and the HD-270 mixer truck with 80,000 lbs GVW.

Freightliner Freightliner Corp. is rolling out three major additions to its Class 8 line. The Century Class gets two new sleeper models, and a day cab joins the Argosy COE family.

The 34-inch SleeperCab was developed for regional and vocational haulers who occasionally require a sleeper for overnight stays. Its 24- by 80-inch bunk is large enough for drivers to log rest time under United States and Canadian regulations. The 70-inch Mid-Roof XT Extra Tall SleeperCab boasts an additional 10 inches of headroom and is designed to be compatible with bulk and flatbed trailers.

The 63-inch Argosy day cab is designed for local and regional distribution applications, as an option to a short-nose conventional.

Kenworth Kenworth Truck Co. is adding a lightweight version of its 112-inch BBC T2000 tractor equipped with a 60-inch sleeper. The spec-option package, targeted at LTL and regional haulers, trims the weight of the original T2 down to 14,950 lbs. Weight-savers include Cummins ISM or Caterpillar C-12 engines, an Eaton FRO 10-speed transmission and the OEM's Airglide 200 suspension.

Mack Mack Trucks Inc.'s newest on-highway linehauler, the Vision, 112-inch BBC conventional offers sleeper-equipped cabs. It is targeted at regional and medium-haul fleets, the OEM says.

The Vision is powered by a 12-liter Mack E-tech diesel engine with 300 hp to 460 hp ratings Transmissions from Eaton and Meritor can be spec'd, including Eaton's AutoShift and Meritor's SureShift automated mechanical boxes.

Vision's cab was developed with Renault, Mack's French parent. The cab incorporates air suspension, two-piece bumper, 90-degree hood tilt, two-piece windshield and proprietary headlamps with halogen bulbs that are replaceable without tools.

The truck's interior is highlighted by a wraparound dash with ergonomically placed gauges and controls. It also features a proprietary driver's seat that swivels 180 degrees. The standard Vision sleeper is a 48-inch flattop. Five other sleepers are offered, including an 80-inch high-rise unit.

Navistar International Navistar International Transportation has recast its line of premium on-highway conventionals as the International 9000i (innovation) Series. The series consists of the 9100i, 9200i, 9400i, flagship 9900i and Eagle 9900ix, a new 130-inch BBC model.

All 9000i trucks are available as day cab or ProSleeper models, except the day cab-only 9100i. All models are ergonomically designed cabs to provide two more inches of belly room and an additional inch of headroom. An electronic blend-air HVAC system does not require cables and is capable of reducing a 110-degree temperature to 81 degrees or raising a 10-degree temperature to 74 degrees in just 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

The OEM also has added "i" innovations to its 5000 Series of vocational trucks. These are the 120-inch BBC set-forward axle (SFA) 5900i; the 114-inch BBC 5500i SFA; and the 114-inch BBC set-back axle 5600i. Standard power for both the 5500i and the 5600i is the International 330-hp diesel. Optional engine ratings range up to 600 hp.

Peterbilt Peterbilt Motors Co.'s newest over-the-road conventional truck is the Model 387. It is offered in three sleeper models: a 120-inch BBC high-roof and a 112-inch BBC with either a mid-roof or high-roof style. The 387's design includes a sloped hood and swoopy fenders, which is designed to reduce drag by 13 percent. A contoured windshield also is designed to improve air flow and visibility.

Inside there is 30 inches between the seats. A foot-actuated tilting/telescoping steering wheel is available. Peterbilt also has changed the truck's electrical system and side-by-side mounting of the radiator and charge air cooler. The electrical system has four individual load centers for the cab, sleeper, chassis and trailer to simplify repairs.

Sterling Sterling Truck Corp. plans to announce new products later this year. Currently, Sterling offers three Class 8 truck lines: A-line over-the-road conventionals, L-Line vocational conventionals and Cargo heavy-duty cabovers.

L-Line models include the L/LT7500, which features a 101-inch BBC and short sloping hood. The truck version is offered with single- or tandem-axles with GVWRs from 21,000 lbs to 66,000 lbs. The tractor version is rated 80,000 lbs GCW.

A-Line tractors come with a 113- or 122-inch BBC measurements. They can be configured as a day cab, a Flat Top or AeroBullet bolt-on sleeper. The flagship SilverStar has an integral 77-inch standup sleeper. The Cargo combines the original Ford low-cab-forward design with a Freightliner Business Class chassis. GVWRs range up to 52,000 lbs.

Volvo Volvo Trucks North America Inc. has added no new models to its line since rolling out the 660 in its VN series in 1998. The 660 includes a 61-inch deep sleeper area and standup height of 98 inches. The raised-roof provides space for two large bunks, a 36 by 79 lower and a 30- by 75-inch upper bunk.

Beginning this September, the OEM will make the latest generation of VE D12C 12-liter diesel engines available in its trucks. The powerplant initially will be offered in a 465-hp rating delivering 1,650 lbs/ft of torque in the 1,100-rpm range.

Waste Age Associate Editor Melanie A. Lasoff compiled the refuse truck body section. Fleet Owner's Associate Editor Deborah McGuffie compiled information on Class 6-7. Material for Class 8 was supplied by Fleet Owner's Senior Editor David Cullen.