Truck & Body Report 2002

Waste Age's 22nd annual digest of the latest garbage trucks.

Since trucks are a hauler's most important piece of equipment, Waste Age and our sister publication, Fleet Owner magazine, have compiled the industry's most up-to-date product information on chassis and refuse bodies.


Central Tank of Oklahoma

The residential automated vehicle from Central Tank of Oklahoma Inc., Marlow, Okla., is available in curbside and streetside loader models in two sizes with 4- and 6-ton payloads. The vehicle has a body capacity of 16- to 22-cubic yards, and a 7-second dump cycle, according to the company. The operator controls all functions from inside the truck.


Chagnon, Varennes, Quebec, Canada, manufacturers the CRE rear loader packer with forward weight transfer. According to the company, the CRE enables up to 27 percent of the weight to be transferred toward the front axle. Features include an automatic bin-locking system and four interchangeable bin cylinders on the tailgate. Options include fully welded bin and a rear camera. The CRE fits any make of truck, the company says.

G&H Manufacturing Ltd.

G&H Manufacturing Ltd., Arlington, Texas, offers rear loaders and side loaders, including recycling and multi-compartment equipment. The model R-90 multi-compartment rear loader is designed to collect refuse and recyclables. Each compartment's tailgate has its own configuration and raises individually. The rear loader has built-in 25-and 30-yard bodies, and can compact and discharge items separately, according to the company.

The 2000 side loader has a packing force of 34,360-pounds (lbs) and a cycle time of 12- to 15-seconds, the company says. It has a 45 degree dump angle and an operating pressure of 1,750 pounds per square inch (psi.) Options include a hoist control inside the cab and a tailgate control behind the cab on the street side.


Haul-All Equipment Systems, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, offers the Super Curbster for use in low-clearance areas and narrow streets. The Super Curbster's compaction mechanism uses low-pressure hydraulics. Features include dual-steering and mechanical controls. Vehicles range from 12- to 25-cubic yards. Options include a pressure washer, cart dumper, chipper door and barrel dumper.

Also from Haul-All, the TriFlow Supercurbster has three compartments for co-collection of waste, compost and recyclables. The Tri Flow comes with one 16-cubic-yard and two 3.5-yard compartments.


Heil Environmental Industries Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., offers front and rear loaders, automated collection vehicles and recycling bodies. Its F4060 rear is a split-body loader with two separate tailgates to allow for simultaneous collection of refuse and recyclables. Features include independent, high-pressure hydraulic systems, heavy-duty floor supports, aluminum/brass alloy shoes and steel construction. The tailgates cycle in 20- to 22-seconds, and reload in 9 to 10 seconds, the company says.

The F4060 was based on Heil's Formula 4000 mid-range rear loader. This unit has a seam-welded body and a steel hopper and packing plate. It is available in 11- to 25-cubic-yard sizes with an 84-inch narrow body width.


Impac, Norman, Okla., manufactures side-loading, automated collection bodies for the refuse industry. The Sprinter, when equipped with the company's Universal Mast, is designed to pick up plastic containers with capacities ranging from 60 to 350 gallons, and 1.5- to 4-cubic-yard steel containers. The body has a maximum 40 cubic yard compaction storage area with a horizontal payload ejection. The IMPAC body is designed to handle the same size containers as the Sprinter and has a 20- to 33-cubic-yard compaction storage area.

Kann Manufacturing

Kann Manufacturing Corp., Guttenberg, Iowa, manufactures the Curb Sorter Series with three body styles: the Versa-Haul, Hi-Jacker and Trough Loader. The Versa-Haul has a hoist capacity of 25,000 pounds at a 45 degree dump angle. The Hi-Jacker has a dump capacity of 6,000 pounds. Its hoists elevate containers 45 inches above frame and extend to the side 35 inches. The Trough Loader has a 1,000-pound trough capacity and a 6,000-pound dump capacity. Its hoists elevate containers 46-inches above frame and extend to the side 36 inches.

The CoCollector front loader is a variable volume two or three residential compartment body. It has a drop floor design and a tailgate that can be raised, lowered and latched hydraulically. The SL side loader is a multi-purpose compaction body that can be loaded manually or semi-automated with cart tippers for wheeled carts. The SL is a dump style unloader.


Labrie Equipment, Saint-Nicholas, Quebec, Canada, has introduced the Automizer and the Expert 2000 side loaders with systems that allow for natural gas propulsion. The Expert 2000 side loader is available in various capacities on a single-axle chassis. Standard features include an 18-inch-deep hopper, 1.38-cubic-yard swept volume, 52-inch ram stroke and 12-inch packer ram penetration, the company says. Options include a wide-angle tilting hydraulic cart tipper and programmable compaction cycles.

The Automizer, Labrie's straight frame automated side loader, is available on a tandem axle chassis 27, 29, 31 v3. It comes with a hopper access door, anti-leak tailgate rubber seal, hydraulic locking device and the Cool Hand, which has a reach of up to 9-feet, 6-inches, the company says. Options include a grab retainer, an automatic compaction program and a work at idle feature.


Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wis., manufactures refuse collection bodies and rear loaders for residential, commercial and heavy commercial/construction waste collection. Alpha is a medium-compaction, full-eject rear loader for residential and limited commercial applications. Delta is a mid-compaction, full-eject rear loader for residential use. Beta is a high-compaction, full-eject rear loader for residential and limited commercial applications.

2RII is the company's highest-compaction, full-eject rear loader for residential and commercial use. It is available in three packages, with compaction ratings of more than 1,000 pounds per cubic yard. Commercial package I features a ¼-inch steel floor; 80,000 psi steel sections; and ½-inch 100,000 psi steel hopper bottom. Commercial package II offers the same features plus reinforced sideliners, tailgate sides and full center packer plate bearings. The demolition package comes with steel sides, floor and roof; a heavy-duty packer plate; and an optional tag axle feature, which transfers weight to the front axle, the company says.


Loadmaster Corp., Norway, Mich., manufacturers rear load refuse bodies, including the Excel, 400 and Legacy series. The recently introduced, small-bodied Elite series is designed for short routes, tight spots and low-clearance areas, the company says. The unit is available in six-, eight- and 10-yard capacities. Operation does not require a commercial drivers license (CDL) and is FET exempt. Features include a container winch and a waist-high loading height.


The Evo Smart Truck Series side loader from Lodal, Kingsford, Mich., consists of an integrated cab, chassis and body. Features include a front-axle drive, a deep hopper, a short wheelbase, dual hydraulic cylinders, a low-cab floor design and low step-on side platforms. The top-hinged tailgate opens hydraulically.

Most of the features of the EVO Smart Truck Series also are in the ECO Recycler Truck Series. But body and frame configurations differ because of the jobs each machine is intended for. Both residential and/or commercial collection body configurations are available for commingled collection or curbside separation of up to 10 materials, the company says.


McClain Industries, Galion, Ohio, manufactures solid waste handling and transportation equipment for waste disposal and recycling, including front, side and rear loaders. The E-Z Pack residential front loader is designed for bulk, semi-automated and automated carts. Features include a single-lever automated air control. According to the company, the loader is equipped with a high-flow, low-revolutions per minute (rpm) system to cut fuel costs by as much as 10 percent.

The Hercules automatic front loader features a direct-view design and a compact arm design with a gripper that can rotate from the side to the front of the cab. The unit has a short wheelbase and an 80-inch (in) by 84-in hopper.


McNeilus Companies, Dodge Center, Minn., offers front, side and rear loaders, including the recently introduced Atlantic Series front loader. Enhancements to this series include a 50 percent higher rear tailgate seal, 12-inch hopper extension and MaxRod case-hardened cylinders, which are used in conjunction with spherical bearings.

New Way/Scranton Manufacturing Co. Inc.

New Way/Scranton Manufacturing Co. Inc., Scranton, Iowa, manufactures rear, front, side and satellite loaders. The recently introduced King Cobra line of high-compaction, heavy duty rear loaders features direct-linkage hydraulics. Vehicles use a 3½-square-yard hopper. Models are available in 25-cubic-yard and 32-cubic-yard capacities. Other lines of rear loaders include the Cobra, Viper and Diamondback models.

The Mammoth line of front loaders includes models weighing 17,400 to 18,300 pounds. Sidewinder continuous cycle side loaders feature a 9-foot reach and an 8-second dump cycle, the company says. The Mate side loading satellite loader features manual packing controls.


Pak-Mor Manufacturing Co., San Antonio, Texas, offers a line of refuse trucks, including front and rear loaders, plus an automated side loader and Container-Retreiver side loader. The company's split cycle compaction system is designed to pack loads at low operating pressures, the company says. The ejection cycle is actuated by a double-acting cylinder, which ejects the payload with a single stroke.

Wayne Engineering Corp.

Wayne Engineering Corp., Cedar Falls, Iowa, manufactures two side loader models. The recently introduced AutoCat automated side loader has a 10-yard body capacity and a 4-foot arm reach. The unit features AR400 floor and hopper sides, a curved shell design and full-eject discharge. Simultaneous load-and-pack operation allows for continuous collection without stopping during the packing cycle, according to the company. The TomCat 6- and 10-cubic yard manual side loaders feature a curved-shell body with side-access clean-out trays and doors. They have an automatic packing cycle and a low-loading height.

The midsize Royal GT 10- to 16-cubic-yard rear loader has a selection of container dumping devices. It has an 18-second pack cycle, a low-loading height, automatic latching tailgate and high-compaction force, the company says. The Super Series 6- and 8-cubic-yard rear loaders are designed for rural routes, tight spots and low-clearance areas. They have a 10-second pack cycle, waist-high loading height and automatic latching tailgate.



Bering Truck Corp., Front Royal, Va., has planned few changes for its medium duty line in 2002. For Class 6, Bering offers the MD23M (23,000- and 30,000-lb. GVW); the MD23A (23,000- and 30,000-lb. GVW); the MD26M (25,510- and 30,000-lb. GVW); and the MD26A (25,510- and 30,000-lb. GVW). All are powered by Cummins 215-hp. ISB 6-cylinder diesels. The MD23M and MD26M have Eaton or ZF 6-speed manual transmissions, while the MD23A and MD26A come with 5-speed Allison automatics.

Crane Carrier

Crane Carrier Co., Tulsa, Okla., offers left-hand and right-hand drive configurations, plus a wide selection of drivetrains and cabs. The company's LET chassis provides a low-entry step-in height of 18 inches on both sides of the cab.


Dearborn, Mich.-based Ford Motor Co.'s line Class 3-7 trucks will remain relatively unchanged in 2002. The 5.4-liter Triton V8 engine is standard.

The Class 7 F-750 is rated at 30,000 and 33,000 lbs GVW. Diesel engine options include the Cummins 5.9-liter ISB, Caterpillar 3126E and 7.3-liter International Powerstroke. The Cummins ISB is available with 175, 190 and 195 hp, while Caterpillar's 3126E has 190, 210, 230 and 250 hp options.


Portland, Ore.-based Freightliner Truck's bread-and-butter Business Class medium-duty line remains relatively unchanged, but 6-speed Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions will be available for 2002. The direct-drive MBT520S-6D is for trucks rated up to 40,000 lbs. gross combination weight (GCW), while the overdrive MBT660S-6O is for trucks up to 60,000 lbs gross combination weight rated (GCWR). The transmissions, which have hydraulically actuated clutches, are compatible with medium duty engines built by Caterpillar, Cummins and Mercedes-Benz, the company says.

General Motors

General Motors (GM), Detroit, plans to launch a medium duty truck line. Code-named the GMT560, the trucks will have gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWRs) reaching the low end of the Class 8 market.

Numerous wheelbase options are available for GMT560 vehicles. The 6500, 7500 and 8500 units (Class 6, 7 and 8) have 17 wheelbase options, ranging from 128 to 308 inches. These units also have a wider range of diesel options, including the Duramax 7200 at 175 to 210 hp; the Duramax 7800 at 200 to 275 hp; and the Caterpillar 3126E at 190 to 300 hp. The Vortec 8100 provides the gasoline option.


Hino Diesel Trucks, Orangeburg, N.Y., is shifting to automatic transmissions for its 2002 vehicles. The Allison MD 3060, with park provision and spring brake, will be standard on Class 7 units — the SG 3320 (32,900 lbs GVW; 200 hp) and SG 3325 (32,900 lbs GVW; 252 hp). Hino will offer its own MFO6S 6-speed air-assist manual transmission.

Hino's FF 3020 (33,000-lb GVW) also will receive an Allison automatic transmission package, but without a park provision. It will have a driveline park brake.


Chicago-based International Truck and Engine Corp.'s new line of medium duty trucks — the International 4000 Series — are part of its new “High Performance Trucks” family.

International offers “High Performance” added-value figures for its 4000 Series vehicles, based on 200,000 ownership miles: $1,062 for improvements in preventive maintenance; a 20 percent overall reduction in repair time (valued at $500); a $1,000 to $2,000 increase in driver productivity and retention; and up to $2,260 in savings due to new design features.

The 4000 Series powertrain boasts enhanced versions of the International DT 466 and DT 530 midrange diesel engines driven either through Allison automatic transmissions with exclusive shift schedules or manual transmissions with gear ratings developed for International's engine power characteristics.

Full production of the 4000 Series already is underway.


American Isuzu Motors, Whittier, Calif., has made changes to its lineup of low, cab-forward trucks. Class 6 and 7 offerings include the FRR, FSR, FTR and FVR models. The Class 6 and 7 FTR include 140- and 248-in wheelbase models, with 25,950 lbs GVWR for Class 6, and 30,000 lbs for Class 7.


Kenworth Truck Co., Kirkland, Wash., has improved its Class 6-7 T300 conventional. Dana Spicer's Low Maintenance System (LMS) bearing and seal package now is standard on the front steering axle of all T300s.

The OEM also has made several options available on its Class 6-7 K300 cabover. The trucks, which feature Cummins ISB engines, now can be spec'd with a 6-speed Eaton Fuller AutoShift transmission, as well as with the previously offered Eaton Fuller 6-speed manual. An optional 10,000-lb Dana Spicer front axle is offered in addition to the standard 12,000-lb rating.


Mack Trucks, Allentown, Pa., announced a new medium duty truck line, the Freedom Series, to replace its Mid-Liner Series. Cabover Freedom vehicles are being offered in a range of four Class 6-7 models.

Models are designated M, L, XL and XXL. Each is available in one of two cab sizes: the Standard cab with a 63-in-bumper to back of cab (BBC), and the XTRa cab with a 79-in BBC.

Both the XL and XXL models are available in GVW ratings from 26,000 to 35,000 lbs.

All Freedom Series trucks are powered by the Mack E3 diesel with a standard 210 hp.


Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, Texas, has introduced driver-comfort enhancements to its Class 6-7 Model 330 conventional. Chief among these is an optional extended rear window for the Model 330's Unibilt cab.

Model 330s not equipped with a full bench seat come with a new floor-mounted cup holder setup that includes a place for two standard drinks and one “jug” holder for extra-large fountain drinks.

Peterbilt has announced no changes to its other medium duty truck series, the cabover Model 270.


Willoughby, Ohio-based Sterling Truck Corp.'s medium duty (Class 5 and up) Acterra line continues virtually unchanged, although some options have been added, including the Eaton Fuller Automatic 6-speed “two-pedal” transmission. The gearbox is based on Eaton's AutoShift transmission for medium and heavy duty trucks. An electronic control unit that enables communication between the engine and transmission, and an electromechanical shift control that replaces the driver's hand on the shift lever also were added.

Sterling also is making available a pair of 6-speed Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions. The direct-drive MBT520S-6D is for trucks rated up to 40,000 lbs GCW, while the overdrive MBT660S-6O is for trucks up to 60,000 lbs GCWR.

UD Trucks

UD Trucks, Irving, Texas, is not changing its medium duty models. The truck-maker offers three models for Class 6: the 2300LP (Low-Profile) and 2300DH (Dock-Height), both a 23,000-lb GVWR; and the 2600, with a 25,995-lb GVWR. The 3300 Class 7 unit has a 32,000-lbs GVWR.



Autocar LLC, a subsidiary of Grand Vehicle Works Holdings LLC based in Highland Park, Ill., features the Xpeditor line of Class 8, low-cabover engine (LCOE) trucks, since acquiring the line from Volvo. Xpeditors feature a Volvo VE 275 hp engine rated at 2,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) with a peak torque of 800 lbs/ft, and an Allison MD3560P transmission. Trucks come with an Arvin Meritor RS23-160 rear axle with a 23,000-lb capacity, or the RT40-145 axle with a 40,000-lb capacity.


Versions of the low-cab-forward Condor for front loader refuse applications also have joined Freightliner's lineup. According to the OEM, the trucks can accommodate rear and side loaders, automated residential loaders and roll-off containers. They also can handle front snowplow mounts to pull double-duty in the winter months.

Other changes at Freightliner include availability of the new Michelin X-One wide-base single tire. This replaces dual rear tires with a single one that boasts a larger contact surface. Also new is a tubular side airbag system for Freightliner Century S/T conventional and Argosy cabover trucks.


International Truck and Engine Corp.'s newest Class 8, the 8500 Series tractor, is designed for regional-haul customers.

The International HT 530 engine comes standard, making it the first regional-haul vehicle to exclusively offer an International-brand engine — an inline, 6-cylinder diesel with an electronically controlled, variable geometry turbocharger that delivers up to 340 hp with 700 lbs/ft of clutch-engagement torque.

Full production of the International 8500, which will be offered only as a tractor, begins in October.

The Class 8 International 7000 Series (7300, 7400 and 7500 models) of High Performance Trucks for severe-service applications are slated to enter production by year's end. These trucks will replace the OEM's 2000 Series.


Kenworth Truck Co. has improved its flagship T2000 model. Now standard on the T2000 is Truck-Lite's new 7-in round, complex reflector headlamp. The company also is making ZF Meritor's FreedomLine automated mechanical transmission available in the T2000.

The OEM is making the Dana Spicer Premium-40 tandem drive axle standard on all Class 8 truck models. The 40,000-lb Premium-40 axle is also designated as the DSP 40.


Mack Trucks is introducing its Granite Series of heavy duty vocational trucks. According to the OEM, the trucks are targeted at various vocational market segments, including refuse.

Mack is also offering the Granite Bridge Formula truck as a lightweight model.

The OEM's E-Tech engine comes standard on all Granite trucks. The in-line, 6-cylinder diesel is available in 300 to 460 hp ratings. Also standard on Granites are Mack's new line of Maxitorque ES transmissions, offering a range of speeds, gear ratios and PTO options.


Peterbilt Motors Co. is improving its Class 8 offerings. The OEM's proprietary FLEX Air tandem air suspension is 400 lbs lighter than its current Low Air Leaf tandem. Rated at 38,000 lbs, it's available on Models 379, 387, 385 and 378.

Also newly available is the lightweight Dana Spicer Premium-40 (DSP 40) tandem drive axle, now standard on all Peterbilt Class 8 over-the-road models. Designed for use with higher-hp engines with torque ratings up to 1,850 lbs/ft, the DSP 40 features hypoid primary gearing in a full range of axle ratios.

A new in-dash GPS-navigation system is optional on the Model 387. The Alpine DVD Vehicle Navigation System gives drivers turn-by-turn visual and audio directions.

System features include map zoom, destination search, detour routing, landmarks and points-of-interest display.

The Model 387 can now be ordered with the Cummins N14 engine. It is offered in ratings from 350 to 525 hp.


Versions of the Class 8 low-cab-forward Condor for front loader refuse applications also have joined the Sterling line. According to the OEM, the trucks can accommodate rear loaders, side loaders, automated residential loaders and roll-off containers. It can also handle front snowplow mounts to allow the truck to pull double-duty in the winter months.

Sterling is offering the new Michelin wide-base single tire for linehaul applications. The OEM says the X-One replaces dual rear tires with a single unit that has a larger contact surface to save weight and cut fuel costs.

Sterling also has enhanced its L-Line heavy duty vocational trucks. The OEM's proprietary air-ride cab suspension is now standard equipment on straight trucks up to 98,000-lbs GVW and on all tractors up to 190,000-lbs GCW.


Volvo Trucks North America Inc., Greensboro, N.C. has added the Class 8 VHD to its lineup, replacing WH straight trucks and Autocar truck and tractor models.

The VHD line includes 16 truck and tractor models. The all-new vocational truck, based on Volvo's VN on-highway platform, includes set-back and set-forward front axle models with axle configurations ranging from 6×4 to 12×4.

The standard VHD engine is Volvo's VE 345 diesel. Volvo and Cummins engines with 465 hp ratings are optional. The VHD boasts six frame-rail options to accommodate various applications and weight requirements.

Vocationally oriented features of the VHD include customized warranties offering coverage based on the truck's actual application. The OEM reports it also will offer a real-time remote-diagnostic program for the VHD that will allow Volvo factory engineers to run diagnostic tests on vehicles at fleet shop locations.

Western Star

Western Star Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is offering a new twin-steer option for its Constellation 5800 model. The factory option, aimed at vocational users operating under weight laws and restrictions. The option boasts a 40,000-lb combined rating for the twin front steer axles and allows a maximum GVWR of 86,000 lbs.

In addition, Freightliner's proprietary Airliner single- and tandem-ride air suspensions and the company's TufTrac spring suspensions will be available.

Waste Age Contributing Editor Paula Ford, who compiled the refuse truck body section of this report, is based in Atlanta. Fleet Owner magazine compiled the information on Class 6-8 trucks.