Take Out the Trash (and call me in the morning)

Taking out the trash can be good for your health, according to a team of scientists from the Netherlands. Their research finds that trash stored indoors may contain high levels of airborne microbes that could increase the risk of respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Researchers combed through house dust extracts from 99 homes and apartments in the Netherlands and evaluated the storage effects of indoor organic waste and food remains, as well as mold, bacteria and fungi exposure levels.

Homes that stored organic waste indoors for one week or more had microbe levels more than three times higher than in homes that had stored non-organic waste.

Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Treasure in a Dumpster Like many people facing the behemoth task of moving, 61-year-old Willie Fulgear of Los Angeles went to his local grocery store in March to look for empty cardboard boxes. The boxes he found, however, were far from empty. Their glimmering contents had been dominating headlines across the country for days.

Near a Dumpster behind the store, Fulgear found the 55 Oscar statuettes that had vanished from a trucking company loading dock more than a week before. Roadway Express, the trucking firm responsible for the statuettes' disappearance, will pay Fulgear $50,000 for his efforts, proving once again that one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Source: www.99X.com