Tracking New Introductions

Mack Trucks Allentown, Pa. Mack Trucks introduced a new lightweight day cab version of the over-the-road Vision model that weighs 12,246 pounds (lbs), 500 lbs less than current Mack day cabs. The Vision model features a dual horsepower 355/380 E-Tech Maxicruise engine and Mack's & 2060A 6-speed transmission.

Designed for weight-sensitive operations, the Vision model uses super singles tires and aluminum wherever appropriate. The new truck also uses the recently introduced MaxAir 40A aluminum suspension that was developed by Mack and Hendrickson, Woodridge, Ill.

Finally, the two drive wheels offer extra traction by using an air suspension regulator that allows the driver to put more weight on the drive tires when more traction is needed.

Mack also introduced the CH/LNG day cab. This liquid natural gas (LNG) short-haul distribution highway tractor has a driving range of more than 600 miles. The 12-liter engine delivers 350 horsepower (hp) and as much as 1,250 pounds per foot (lbs/ft) of torque at 1,250 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Mack credits its long-term partnership with Waste Management Inc., Houston - which has successfully operated several Mack LNG-powered MR and LE models in refuse operations since 1995 - with helping to bring the engine to the CH model.

The CH/LNG is covered by a standard 1-year/100,000 mile warranty and the engine is covered by a 3-year/300,000-mile/10,800-hour protection plan.

Finally, Mack now is offering Cummins Signature and ISX series engines in its 2001 model year CL series tractors. The Signature 600 produces 2,050 lbs/ft of torque at 1,200 rpm.

Freightliner Trucks Portland, Ore. Freightliner is expanding its product line into the light commercial segment with the addition of the Sprinter van. The Class 2-3 van is designed for a wide range of delivery and service applications.

The vehicles will be produced at the newly expanded Freightliner plant in Gaffney, S.C.

Hendrickson International, Woodbridge, Ill. Hendrickson has introduced the new MaxAir Series of suspensions, developed jointly with Mack Trucks. The first of the series, the 40,000-lb model is available on the CH and Vision Mack models. It is 72 lbs lighter than the current suspension used.

The design includes replacing the conventional clamped brackets with welded integrated axle brackets. It also incorporates a new alignment system.

Truck of America (MFTA) Bridgeport, N.J. Mitsubishi announced that its line of 2001 models now range from 12,000 lbs to 32,900 lbs gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

The new FE-SP's horsepower will increase from 145 to 175 and will be available with an additional 165-inch wheelbase to accommodate 18-foot bodies. This 4-cylinder engine features a 175-hp, 4-valve, twin cam design and a twin balance shaft that produces 347 lbs/ft of torque at 1,600 rpm with an automatic transmission.

The Allison MD3060 automatic will be available for its 32,900-lb GVWR Class 7 FM-SP, which also features a 230-hp engine.

The FE, FE-HD, and FG 2001 models feature 145 hp at 2,900 rpm. The 4-cylinder, turbocharged direct-fuel injection diesel in these trucks delivers 275-lbs/ft of torque at 1,600 rpm.

MFTA's FG model will be available with a 4-speed overdrive transmission. It will feature a 145-hp engine, an increase over the 135 hp of the 2000 models and the same heavy duty transmission cooler found in the FE model.

Standard safety features on MFTA trucks include an antilock braking system (ABS), steel side door crush beams, energy absorbing steering wheels and 3-point shoulder/lap seatbelts.

MFTA also introduced the FE California, designed exclusively for the California market. The Class 4 truck has a GVWR of 14,050 lbs and is available with 108.3-inch 131.9-inch and 148-inch wheelbases, and can handle payloads up to 8,990 lbs.

Powered by a 145-hp diesel engine, the FE California will only be available with an automatic transmission. The inline, 4-cylinder engine delivers 275 lbs/ft of torque at 1,600 rpm. and meets the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions requirements for a Class 4 diesel truck.

The model's front axle offers 5,070-lbs capacity and the rear axle offers 9,040-lbs capacity

ExxonMobil Fairfax, Va. ExxonMobil has launched Mobil Delvac AccuTrack, a new expanded oil analysis program for use with the its diesel engine oils.

The program offers 24 separate tests that include the detection of 20 different wear, contaminate and additive metals. Additionally, the program allows users to graph the last six sample results for five of the tests.

isystem Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada isystem has introduced a new axle suspension designed for trailers and dollies with a 22,500-lb capacity.

The company has targeted vocational trucks, such as refuse, for the new complete axle/rubber Aeron spring single axle suspension system.

The Associates Dallas, Texas The Associates has announced, a digital, online office that provides access to credit applications, quoting tools, management reports, invoicing, and sales and contact management tools for truckers, dealers and manufacturers.