Tarp Talk

Want to keep trash and odors in and the weather out? Waste Age provides a sampling of the tarps and tarping systems available in today's market.

For roll-off trailers, Benlee Inc., Romulus, Mich., manufactures tarping systems up to 47 inches long and 102 inches wide. Benlee will install tarping systems on new or used trailers regardless of whether they were manufactured by another company or in-house.

D.S. Sewing Inc., New Haven, Conn., produces vinyl-coated and polyester mesh and solid Tough-Tarps for roll-off containers, dump-trucks and trailers and live floors.

Engineered Textile Products, Mobile, Ala., offers manufactures canvas, mesh, vinyl and poly tarps for both heavy and light duty applications.

H.Q.N. Industrial Fabrics, Sarnia, Ontario, manufactures tarps for use on roll-off boxes and other waste containers.

ICM, Jacksonville, Ariz., makes and distributes multi-mesh, mesh and vinyl tarps, tarp materials, tarping systems, tarping accessories and custom made tarps. The company's mesh truck covers can be custom sized.

K-Pac Equipment Division, Hutchinson, Kan., makes the Auto Tarper for use with roll-off hoists. The Auto Tarper uses a slave cylinder hydraulic system, which stops both arm actuating cylinders if one of the arms comes in contact with an obstruction. The unit also features a hydraulic extendable gantry to match the height of different sized containers.

Newmantek USA Inc., Garden Grove, Calif., manufactures tarps made with a knitted, open-mesh, 70 percent shade cloth that is reinforced on each side by 111/42-inch webbing and non-rusting grommets. It is available in sizes 12 feet by 24 feet and 12 feet by 26 feet.

O'Brian Manufacturing Co. Inc., Wilson, N.C., produces the Magnum Tarper, which has arm deflectors to prevent containers from bumping and pinching the arms, a low profile to keep arms below the containers, hydraulic hoses routed inside of the arms, an offset stabilizer bar and two-piece bolted arms.

Pioneer Cover-All, North Oxford, Mass., introduces the Rack N' Pinion auto tarper with pivot arms that move at a constant speed to avoid inflicting damage to the tarping system. The system is available with an adjustable gantry capable of covering 15 to 50 containers.

Pulltarps Manufacturing, El Cajon, Calif., offers a line of tarps, including Pulltarps' pull-out semiautomatic systems, fully automatic electric and semi-automatic manual arm systems, plus three different types of cable systems. The company also offers the Ultimate Polished Aluminum System to handle longer applications featuring an external spring tensioning mechanism.

Roll-Rite Corp., Alger, Mich., introduces the Hydra-Lock, a self-braking hydraulic gear motor for tarping. The Hydra-Lock works with Roll-Rite's Polished Aluminum Waste System for roll-offs, hooklifts and general open-top body tarp systems. Roll-Rite also has added a one-, two- and three-spool valve and priority flow control valve to its waste component line.

THOR Division of Odin, Austin, Texas, offers tarps in electric, manual and combination systems for rolloffs, transfer trailers or dump trucks.

Wilkins Industries, Morris, Minn., manufacturers a hydraulic power flip top cover designed for high-sided, open-top refuse trailers. Both sections of the product open 270degrees and lay flat against the trailer body when opened, and lay down on top of the load when closed.