Swiss Mess

Switzerland's pristine slopes and cosmopolitan cities are in need of some serious cleaning. According to a recent study of five Swiss cities by the University of Basel, litter (primarily from residents tossing fast food wrappers) is dirtying the streets.

As a result, various Swiss leaders and organizations are campaigning to rescue the country's image and reputation with slogans such as “Trash is culture,” and adding waste bins. The city of Bern even opted for a more aggressive solution by setting up a hotline for residents to report any signs of a mess and promoting new fines.

Officials are hoping, however, that residents will tidy up before officers begin handing out $31 tickets for flicking cigarette butts to the curb. And everyone hopes the anti-littering messages work before the show “Switzerland's Most Wanted - Litterers” becomes a hit.

Source: Swissinfo/Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG

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