States Slow To Adopt Federal Recycled Paper Standard

Riverdale, Md. - Despite an executive order issued by President Clin-ton two years ago, only four states have adopted the 20 percent post-consumer recycled content standard for paper purchased by government agencies, according to a recent re-port from Raymond Communica-tions Inc., Riverdale, Md.

While it was thought that most states would follow suit, only Cal-ifornia, Connecticut, Colorado and Pennsylvania have adopted the or-der, which also requires all federal uncoated printing and writing paper to contain a minimum 30 percent recycled content by 1998.

In addition, New York is moving in that direction with its revised draft of recycling emblem regulations. Also, Oregon and Rhode Island have im-plemented "either/or" standards that have a high post-consumer content option.

Most state and local governments have adopted parts of the order by purchasing re-refined motor oil and retread tires for government vehicles. In addition, all 50 states currently have at least some type of policy on buying recycled. For example, 33 states have price preferences; 23 have set-asides; and 12 states have a policy on paper only, according to the report.

Meanwhile, at least 14 local governments have partially adopted the order and many local officials have said they will go along with soon-to-be released EPA guidelines for purchasing recycled paper, the report said.

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