South African Hazwastes Landfill: Installs Country's First HDPE Liner

South Africa - New approaches to waste management have to start somewhere. In Holfontein Springs, South Africa, for example, the newest containment cell at the hazardous waste landfill has been lined with two-mm-thick, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting in addition to a natural clay barrier. The design reportedly is the first to be implemented in the country.

Since the installation, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry has released its minimal requirements for landfill disposal. The Holfontein Waste Disposal Site meets these requirements and also is consistent with international norms, according to Engineered Linings Ltd., the South African lining contractor for the project.

Using the two-mm HDPE liner also avoids a compromise in thickness, which could result in failure due to mechanical damage during installation and operations, an Engineered Linings representative said.

The landfill's leachate barrier includes 500-mm-thick clay layers above and below the HDPE sheeting and a leak detection layer as well as geotextile protection embankments.

The South African company Enviroserve manages the landfill and AA Loudon & Partners provided consulting services for the installation.