Solid Waste Takes Center Stage At APWA Congress

The 1993 International Public Works Congress and Expo-sition, sponsored by the American Public Works Association (APWA), will take place in the City of Phoenix from September 18 to 23.

About 10,000 public works officials and waste professionals from the United States and Canada are expected to pour into Phoenix Civic Plaza to renew acquaintances, swap ideas and get down to business.

Registration begins on Saturday, September 18, and continues through Wednesday, September 22. The Congress commences with a prayer breakfast Sunday morning from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Reportedly the largest display of public works equipment in North America, this year's exposition in-cludes more than 450 displays of public works products and services. The exposition will be open at 12 noon on Sunday and close at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Attendees can participate in a number of seminars. Subjects in-clude fleet management, natural disaster cleanups, alternative fuels, variable rate collection, MRF management, privatization and federal and international solid waste policies. Recycling-related topics include curbside recycling, recycled guard-rails and yard waste recycling, as well as tire and rubber recycling.

On Saturday, the APWA offers a one-day clinic on environmental regulations that provides information on RCRA reauthorization and other environmental regulatory standards and guidelines. Roundtable presentations on public outreach and fleet management will be held on Sunday.

Waste industry professionals will have special interest in the Thursday technical tour of Phoenix' new $20 million MSW management facility, which processes 3,500 tons per day.

Spouses and other visitors can en-joy Arizona's sights through a variety of APWA-sponsored tours, including Biosphere 2, the Desert Botanical Gardens, a weekend package trip to the Grand Canyon and several desert jeep tours and trail rides.

World Wastes provides a modified agenda that lists all waste-related events and seminars at the APWA International Congress and Exposi-tion. With this reference, solid waste professionals can take full advantage of an event replete with information and opportunities.