At You Service

THE U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY'S (EPA) criminal agents recently have had an additional job requirement — butler. Since the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, agents located in cities where EPA Administrator Christie Whitman is traveling have had to help with “extra security.”

This takes forensics and training agents away from the to-dos of investigating environmental crimes and instead has them holding tables at restaurants until Whitman arrives, and returning rental cars for her husband. Additionally, agents chauffeuring Whitman have been given a list of her preferences. They are instructed to only rent Lincoln Town Cars, to keep music — jazz or classical only — on a low volume. And if drivers happen to spot a Starbucks, they should be prepared to stop.

One year after the new security detail began, environmental criminal penalties decreased from approximately $95 million to $62 million.

But at least Whitman, who recently resigned, had her café latte.

Source: Yahoo! News