Rolling Off Debris

With all the construction and demolition (C&D) waste generated in this country, collection and transportation are major issues. Manufacturers of roll-offs, hooklifts, hoists and carries know haulers are looking for the best products to handle this waste safely and effectively.

The hooklift market is growing as haulers recognize their ease of use, according to one manufacturer. Special features of roll-offs and hooklifts, such as wide size varieties, automation and interchangeable parts, add to the diversity of these products.

This Waste Age product survey features a sample of the latest in roll-offs, hooklifts, hoists and carries.

Accurate Industries, Erial, N.J., manufactures inside/outside rail and outside rail roll-off hoists in weights of 60,000 pounds and 75,000 pounds, as well as 30,000 pounds for outside rail only. Some hauling companies have switched from using the bail-hook understructure design to the inside-outside rail because it can accommodate the narrow rail container as well as the outside rail containers, according to the company.

Accurate Industries also has 50,000-pound extendible tail and deadlift models, which feature auto-fold/pin-up ICC bumpers, 11/42-inch thick cylinder covers, interchangeable rollers and hold-down straps to accommodate many container sizes. The company also manufactures 75,000-pound custom extendible tail hoists.

Advantage/Global Lift Systems Inc., San Diego, offers two lifts: the 25-foot platform, 25,000-pound capacity parallelogram lift; and the 16,000-pound capacity mobile column lift. The parallelogram lift is designed with rectangular-tubed steel, according to the company. The mobile column lift comes with an automatic multi-position mechanical lock and a standard pallet jack steering mechanism with an automatic overload release valve.

Benlee Inc., Romulus, Mich., manufactures roll-off trailers for the scrap processing and recycling industries, as well as the hazardous waste enterprise. In the past 20 years, Benlee has expanded its line to include eight styles and 40 models of roll-off trailers, and 60 models of dump trailers and hooklift trailers.

Consolidated Fabricators Corp., Vernon, Calif., manufactures a variety of roll-off container sizes and styles for different uses, including hooklift styles. The company also has built combinations with doghouse and hooklift applications.

D&B Fabricators and Distributors Inc., Lemont, Ill., offers roll-off and special-use containers such as platforms, enclosed containers, compactor containers and recycling roll-off containers.

Dunright Trailer Manufacturing Inc., Clinton Township, Mich., designs and manufactures roll-off trailers and trucks in all models. Trailers come in two- or three-axles with drop decks, or three-axles conventional. Roll-off trucks are available from two to six axles.

Galbreath Inc., Winamac, Ind., manufactures hoists with the CanLock automatic locking system. Cable hoists also are available in vehicle-mounted and roll-off trailer styles in a variety of models. Galbreath manufactures hook hoists in single-, tandem- and multi-axle configurations with 9,000-pound to 60,000-pound capacities that can handle 8-foot to 22-foot long containers.

GalFab Inc., Winamac, Ind., manufacturers roll-off hoists, roll-off containers and self-dumping hoppers in many sizes and models.

Holt Speciality Equipment, Eagleville, Tenn., offers open-top containers, front- and rear-load containers, compactors, hoists, hydraulic dumpers, rotators, recycling containers and trailers. Hoists range from 8,000-pound capacity to 20,000-pound capacity.

Marathon Equipment Co., Vernon, Ala., features a 65,000-pound greaseless roll-off hoist with a fiberglass bushing design so operators don't need to lubricate the sheaves, rollers or hinge points, according to the company. The ME-65's rollers, fenders and all five sheaves are interchangeable. The receiving and lift cylinders are the same size, the company states.

Marrel Corp., Hendersonville, Tenn., manufactures and sells the AMPLIRoll Hooklift System, an all-hydraulic hoist capable of loading/off-loading and/or dumping containers. The driver stays in the cab during loading, unloading and dumping.

McClain Group Sales Inc., Galion, Ohio, offers the Magna-Hoist tilt frame with a capacity of up to 75,000 pounds and the ability to handle skid lengths to 24 feet. The tilt frame is designed to handle roll-off containers in a variety of models and sizes. Greaseless fiber bearings in side rollers, sheaves, rear rollers and main tilt frame pivots are made from poly fiber.

RPI of Indiana Inc., Holmesville, Ohio, manufactures 20-, 30- and 40-yard heavy gauge roll-off containers for the waste and scrap industry.

Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa, offers more than 26 models of hooklifts ranging from 9,000-pound to 65,000-pound capacity. One feature of all the hooklifts is greaseless bushings.

SwapLoader U.S.A. Ltd., Des Moines, Iowa, manufactures a hydraulic hooklift hoist that allows the truck operator to "swap" bodies quickly from a flatbed to a dump body, water tank, waste and rubbish container or any other body mounted on a truck chassis. The hook hoists are available in 14 different models and capacities from the largest, the SL-655 at 65,000 pounds, to the smallest, the SL-95 at 9,000 pounds.