Revved Up in Indianapolis

When Indianapolis thought about doing away with its curbside recycling program, residents protested. Now the city is racing to save the program with an all-out campaign that focuses on education.

“When people don't know the outcomes of not recycling, they don't recycle,” says Public Works Director Kumar Menon. To remedy that, the city is reaching out to schools and residents with songs, utility bill inserts, and radio and billboard ads.

The city is also hosting town hall meetings to determine community perceptions about recycling, as well as benefits and barriers. The information will be used to design a viable program. Menon says that lowering participation costs is an option being considered.

Currently, about 10 to 15 percent of the city's residences participate in the curbside program. The push for an increase in participation rates is part of the city's overall aim to “green Indy.”