State Recycling Laws Updates Raymond Communications Inc., College Park, Md., is offering a subscription to "State Recycling Laws Update" (SRLU). The package includes: 12 monthly updates in 2000, status tables and other references; the 1999 SRLU year-end edition; and e-mails between SRLU mailings.

Subscriptions cost $337. Contact: Raymond Communications Inc., 5111 Berwyn Road #115, College Park, Md. 20740. Phone: (301) 345-4237. Fax: (301) 345-4768. E-mail: Website:

Paper Recycling Markets Directory The Recycling Today Media Group, Cleveland, has published the 2000 Paper Recycling Markets Directory.

This 32nd edition is indexed by dealers, consumers, transportation services, government agencies and equipment services, and is available in print for $37, or on computer disk or CD-ROM. Contact: Fran Franzak, Fibre Market News. Phone toll-free: (800) 456-0707. Website:

Greening Government Kit The National Association of Counties (NACo), Washington, D.C., has published, "The Environmental Purchasing Starter Kit: A Guide to Greening Government Through Powerful Purchasing Decisions." Contact: Naomi Friedman, NACo, 440 First St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. Phone: (202) 942-4262. Fax: (202) 393-2630. E-mail: Website:

1999 Federal Register Solutions Software Inc., Enterprise, Fla., announces the 1999 U.S. Federal Register Vol. 64 available on a single CD-ROM for $99 plus shipping and handling. The document contains all federal agency documents - including those pertaining to solid waste, recycling and the environment - such as rules and regulations, proposed rules, and notices issued by federal agencies.

Solutions also offers annual subscriptions to the 2000 U.S. Federal Register Vol. 65 for $425. Subscribers receive a CD-ROM each month beginning February 2000. Contact: Richard Dunkel, Solutions Software Corp., 1825 Turtle Hill Road, Enterprise, Fla. 32725. Phone: (407) 321-7912. Fax: (407) 321-3098. E-mail: Website: