Ready to ROLL with it

With more and more waste being generated today, haulers want the best products to handle the increased volume safely and efficiently. Here, Waste Age provides an overview, listed by manufacturers, of the latest and greatest in roll-offs and tilt-frames.

Advantage/Global Lift Systems Inc., San Diego, offers a 25-foot platform, 25,000-pound capacity parallelogram lift designed with rectangular-tubed steel; and a 16,000-pound capacity mobile column lift. The mobile column lift comes with an automatic multi-position mechanical lock and a standard pallet jack steering mechanism with an automatic overload release valve.

American Roll-Off, Trenton, N.J., offers the XT series roll-off hoists with removable rollers, cylinders and sheave pins. The rollers, pins, sheave bushings and side plates are made from high carbon and high-strength materials, according to the company.

Benlee, Romulus, Mich., offers more than 50 models of roll-off trailers, and 12 models of dump trailers and hooklift trailers. The company also offers custom roll-off models.

Better Built Equipment, Alpharetta, Ga., offers a roll-off trailer with a single sheave, a 22-foot cable, single-stage cylinders and a dumpster pusher.

Clement Industries, Minden, La., offers the 36-foot Bridger roll-off series with a sliding tandem that extends both the internal and external bridges, which enables the roll-off to handle larger payloads. After the roll-off arrives at its destination, the sliding process is reversed so that the load can be dumped over the rear tandem. All of the company's roll-offs feature an 80,000 pound-capacity winch for handling the tandem on containers, and double-acting cylinders that allow a driver to alternately shorten or lengthen the wheelbase to maneuver in low-traction areas. They also feature rail construction, multiple rollers for box support, three-point stability and an inside/outside roller option.

Consolidated Fabricators Corp., Vernon, Calif., manufactures hooklifts for a variety of applications.

Dunright Trailer Manufacturing Inc., Clinton Township, Mich., designs and manufactures roll-off trailers in two- or three-axle models with drop decks, or conventional three-axle models.

ESP Manufacturing, Lodi, Calif., offers roll-off hoists with fabricated I-Beam designs and high-strength steel construction. These roll-offs are designed to handle all hauling applications.

Galfab, Winamac, Ind., offers several models of outside rail hoists to fit a variety of truck styles.

Galbreath Inc., Winamac, Ind., manufactures hoists with the CanLock automatic locking system. The company offers hook hoists in single-, tandem- and multi-axle configurations with 9,000-pound to 60,000-pound capacities that can handle 8-foot to 22-foot long containers. Cable hoists also are available in vehicle-mounted and roll-off trailer styles.

Hook-All Hooklifts, Trenton, N.J., introduces a 20,000 pound capacity hooklift line. Designed for single-axle, 33,000 pound gross vehicle weight (GVW) chassis, these hoists come with both a 36-inch and 54-inch hook height.

K-PAC Equipment Division, Hutchinson, Kan., introduces the KP 50, KP 60 and KP 75 cable roll-off hoists, with capacities ranging from 50,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds. Hydraulic improvements on these year 2000 models include simplified valve and control cable mounting, and a larger tank - 60 gallons - on the KP 60 and KP 75 models. Control valve placement has been redesigned to allow for cleaner plumping and easier access to relief valve adjustments. Hydraulic steel tubing with a higher pressure rating than the black pipe used on earlier models results in cleaner mounting, according to the company.

The Magna-Hoist tilt frame from McClain Group Sales Inc., Galion, Ohio, has a capacity of up to 75,000 pounds and can handle skid lengths up to 24 feet. The tilt frame is designed to accommodate roll-off containers in a variety of models and sizes. Greaseless fiber bearings in side rollers, sheaves, rear rollers and main tilt frame pivots are made from poly fiber.

The model 160 Ampliroll hooklift from Marrel Corp., Hendersonville, Tenn., has in-cab mounted controls and a hydraulic arm that picks up a container or platform with a hook. Two main cylinders are activated to pull a container onto the chassis and lock it into position. This process takes about one minute, according to the company. The operator can pick up or set down a container at dock heights, or load and unload a second container onto an Ampliroll trailer. Marrel offers hooklift systems for every class of truck, with capacities ranging from 3 tons to 32 tons. These hooklift systems can be used with containers, platforms, dump bodies or tanks to handle solid waste, liquid waste, scrap metal, material handling and other applications.

Marathon Equipment Co., Vernon, Ala., offers the greaseless roll-off hoist with a capacity of 65,000 pounds. With its fiberglass bushing design, there is no need to lubricate the sheaves, rollers or hinge points. The interchangeable 7-inch reeving and lift cylinders have 411/42 inch rods for greater strength and less chance of bending, according to the company. Also interchangeable are the rollers, fenders and all five sheaves. The bumper automatically folds when the hoist is being raised.

Stellar Industries Inc., Garner, Iowa, introduces the second generation of the Model 96-10-24 hydraulic hooklift loader, which features stainless steel pivot pins to reduce pin rust and freeze-ups. Other improvements include increased reinforcement to the dump/tilt section interface tabs and the rear pivot collars. Designed to fit trucks with a cab-to-axle measurement of 84 inches to 102 inches and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating of 25,000 pounds to 33,000 pounds, this hooklift can accommodate any type of body equipped with a subframe and front lifting hook, according to the company. In less than one minute, it also can interchange truck bodies weighing up to 24,000 pounds, the company states.

SwapLoader, Des Moines, Iowa, offers its newest hydraulic hooklift hoist, the Model SL-400, which is designed for a hauler requiring 40,000 pounds of lifting capacity, and can accommodate 15-yard to 20-yard containers ranging from 14 feet to 18 feet. The SL-400 can be mounted on a truck chassis with a cab-to-trunion dimension of 132 inches to 138 inches. An optional hydraulic stabilizer roller installed between the truck back frame rails ensures the truck's front axle remains on the ground while picking up a full load. Swaploader hooklift hoists are available in 15 different models and capacities, including the largest model, the 65,000-pound capacity SL-655, to the smallest model, the 9,000-pound capacity SL-95. With the company's hydraulic hooklift hoist, the operator can interchange bodies from a flatbed to a dump body, refuse containers and many other bodies.

Wastequip Accurate Industries, Erial, N.J., manufactures roll-off hoists in inside/outside rail and outside rail only configurations for hoists with capacities of 60,000 pounds and 75,000 pounds. It also offers 30,000-pound and 50,000-pound capacity extendible tail and deadlift models. Features include Auto-Fold/Pin-Up ICC bumpers; 11/42-inch thick cylinder covers; interchangeable rollers, cylinders, sheaves and fenders; 211/42-inch main pivot pins; a container locking system; and hold down straps to accommodate many different size containers. The hoists also have 2-inch-by-411/42-inch-by-1211/42-inch XHD container hooks and one-piece cast steel upper cylinder mounts. Ready-built kits and custom-built hoists are available. Several custom-extendable tail hoists and a line of trailer hoists also are available. In addition to Wastequip Accurate's Erial, N.J. facility, the company has manufacturing plants in Denver; Eagleville, Tenn.; Rosemount, Minn.; and Alexandria, La.