Sanifill, Houston, has appointed Eric Moser controller.... The company has also named T.C. Wagner sales manager for Pellegrene Sanitation, Homer City, Penn.... Mitch Stepro has joined WCD Ltd., St. Louis, as solid and special waste coordinator.... Jim Lewis has been named landfill site engineer in Zion, Ill., for Houston-headquartered Browning-Ferris Industries.... USA Waste, Dallas, has made the following appointments: Tim Conroy, hauling sales representative, Chicago; Ben Victory, vice president of landfills, Dallas; and Eric Porr, general manager of hauling, Charlotte, N.C.... Jim Gleeson has joined United Waste, Pittsburgh, as regional controller.... Allwaste, Houston, has appointed Lynn Lantrip to market development and sales trainer.... Bob Benjamin has been named sales manager for M.J. Connelly & Sons.... Skeet Atkinson has joined Allied Waste, Scotsdale, Ariz., as regional landfill manager in Upper Rock Island, Ill.... Mike Beaudoin has been appointed vice president of engineering, City Management, Detroit.... WMX Technologies Inc., Oak Brook, Ill., has made the following appointments: Jeff Taylor as general manager of hauling in the Portland, Maine, office; Mark Duncan as general manager of hauling in the Phoenix office; Brian Mathis, as maintenance manager in the Macon, Ga., office; and Rich Curry as director of marketing and special waste sales in the Londonderry, N.H., office.... Leah Keller has joined the Lancaster, Penn. Solid Waste Authority as controller.... Rumpke, Cincinnati, has appointed Bruce Schmuker as director of engineering.... Phil Walters has been named controller for MGM Services, Houston.... Galbreath Inc., Winamac, Ind., has named Greg Cook general manager of its Knox, Ind., plant.... John B. Blenk has joined Paragon Project Resources Inc., Dallas, as vice president and director of design services.... Rust Environmental & Infrastructure, a subsidiary of Birmingham-based Rust International Inc., has appointed J. B. Holeman executive vice president of operations in Greenville, S.C.... Ted Dzierzbicki has been appointed president of Albarrie-Naue Ltd., Ontario, Canada.