USA Waste, Dallas, has appointed Paul Barley hauling and landfill general manager, Richmond, Va. and Bill Bailey hauling general manager has joined Chambers/USA Waste, Virginia Beach, Va.... Sanifill, Houston, has named Mike Foos assistant regional controller; Chris Ruane, landfill district supervisor, Nashville, Tenn.; Tom Badowski, landfill general manager, Homer City, Pa.; and John Stankiwiecz, county controller, Tijuana, Mexico.... Roger Bass has joined American Disposal, Burr Ridge, Ill., as hauling general manager in Branson, Mo.... Allied Waste, Scottsdale, Ariz., has named Dave Clabo landfill general manager in Atlanta.... Mark Cole has been appointed hauling operations manager, Panama City, Fla., for Detroit-based City Management's Argus Services.... Jennings Environmental Services, Altamonte Springs, Fla., has named Dave Danford sales manager.... Tom Foleno has been named hauling operations manager, Schaumburg, Ill., by Laidlaw, Burlington, Ontario.... Len Gutherie has been named hauling general manager for Deffenbaugh Disposal, Oklahoma City.... Mark Harlacker has joined On Environmental, Waynesburg, Ohio, as landfill manager.... Wes Mahoney has been appointed landfill manager, Houston, by Republic Waste, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.... Houston-based Browning-Ferris Industries has made the following appointments: Larry McGee, assistant corporate controller and division vice president, Houston; Steve Meyers, district manager, Indianapolis; Ross Monks, hauling operations manager, Evansville, Ind; Frank Kober, landfill site manager at the Conestoga landfill, Morgantown, Pa; John Norwak, recycling coordinator, Chicago, Ill.; and Rob Zakoor, general manager of medical waste, San Diego.... Steve Montee has joined Milwaukee-based Superior Services as regional vice president, Columbus, Ohio.... Trans-American Waste, Wintersville, Ohio, has named John Sesera landfill general manager.... United Waste, Greenwich, Conn., has appointed Carl Towne landfill and hauling general manager, Corbin, Ky.... Waste Management Inc., Oak Brook, Ill., has named Rick Traub hauling general manager, Macon, Ga., and Adrian Escalante hauling operations manager for the Hemet Inland Valley division, Hemet, Calif.... Environmental Products Corp., Fairfax, Va., has made the following appointments: Geoffrey W. Bobsin, CEO; Kim N. Narcisso, chief financial officer; Cynthia L. Wise, vice president of operations for the Northeast; and Walter A. Krukies, vice president for production development.... Metro Waste Authority, Des Moines, Iowa, has promoted Michael Fairchild to facility manager at the Regional Collection Center.... Horton Industries, Minneapolis, has appointed Nels Johnson executive vice president.