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P.C. Recycling

Political correctness has worked its way into a Chicago recycling promotion. Before the holidays, the city offered a year's supply of blue recycling bags — which normally retail for about 11 cents a piece — to residents who brought in a Christmas tree to one of the city's Park District tree-recycling centers on Jan. 8. But after an atheist activist claimed that the promotion unfairly benefited Christians, since some non-Christians don't put up trees, the city began offering the same deal to residents who brought in a large bag of recyclables to the centers. A Chicago streets and sanitation spokesman said that he preferred that people bring in trees, but the city was willing to be flexible. Maybe next year, Chicago will offer Festivus pole recycling, special composting promotions for Easter eggs and trash discounts for people who reduce their food waste during Ramadan fasting.
Source: www.NBC5.com