Passion for Scrap, A

Among the slew of reality-based television shows, solid waste finally has found its place. Every Monday night this month, cable TV viewers can tune in to “Junkyard Wars” on The Learning Channel, for a dose of refuse reality.

Made popular in Britain, “Junkyard Wars” pits eight three-person teams against each other in a game of wits and elbow grease. As each show begins, contestants are placed in a junkyard and given 10 hours to build specified machines. Judges then compare the machines and choose a winner.

During this season's finale, teams “Art Attack” and “The Long Brothers” will build rockets designed to take an ostrich egg up as high as possible and return it safely to the ground.

Contestants come from all walks of life with one thing in common: They believe that they can build machines out of anything. Some are drag racers, some are engineers some are firefighters and some are artists, but all share a passion for scrap.