Otto Rolls Out Changes

Despite the recent merger between Otto Industries and Zarn Inc., both companies' residential carts will still be available to customers.

On Oct. 30, Charlotte, N.C.-based Otto purchased Zarn, the American interest of Paris-based Plastic Omnium. The new company, now called Zarn Waste Systems and Otto Industries, has doubled Otto's manufacturing capacity with the addition of a new plant in Eloy, Ariz., that opened Sept. 1. The plant will help to expedite cart delivery to West Coast customers. Additionally, the acquisition allows the Charlotte, N.C., headquarters to serve other national and East Coast interests, says Jeff Nadeau, chief operating officer.

“We've had a busy year,” Nadeau says. “I am optimistic with these developments and now with the strategic acquisition of Zarn; we're bullish on the American cart market. We think these investments are going to pay terrific dividends for us in the future.”

Otto is the largest waste-container manufacturer in the world, producing 5 million carts per year. Plastic Omnium is a 55-year-old company that manufactures plastic products, including automotive and waste collection components.

Using the combined production facilities, the new company will continue to manufacture injection-molded residential waste containers in 95-, 65-, and 35-gallon sizes under both Otto and Zarn brand names.