New Products

Product Survey: Carts, Arms, Lifters


Ameri-Kart, Wichita, Kan., offers the MegaKart for residential waste handling. The carts are manufactured with high-density polyethylene and are designed to withstand a variety of climate conditions, the company says. Compatible with both automated scissorlifts and semi-automated hydraulic lifts, the MegaKarts can hold between 230 and 335 pounds (lbs.) of materials and feature a full-width handle and a domed lid. The lid's double lip design is manufactured for odor control and prevents insects from entering the cart, the company says. Numbers and logos can be placed on the cart's lid and side panels. The carts are available with snap-on wheels and steel axles, and are available in a variety of colors.


Bayne Premium Lift Systems

The MBTL 180 cart lifter from Bayne Premium Lift Systems, Greenville, S.C., uses a solid hook drive mechanism to automatically secure a cart to a lift plate during a dump cycle. The lifter features a sweeping motion to increase the pick-up envelope and is intended to minimize the need to maneuver carts into position, the company says. It offers more than 19 inches (in.) of ground clearance to prevent damage from bumpy roads and landfills.


Curotto Can

Curotto Can, Sonoma, Calif., manufactures an automated curbside collection system. According to the company, pickup, dump and cart return takes less than five seconds. The system features a cab forward pickup, which allows the operator to see and remove contaminants from the waste stream. The system can be installed on new front loaders or retrofitted for existing units, the company says.


Perkins Manufacturing

The PAC 1.0 from Perkins Manufacturing, La Grange, Ill., is an automated cart lifter and carry can that can mount to any residential frontloader with automated compatible forks. It can lift automated compatible carts and barrels of varying sizes, the company says. Weighing 1,400 lbs., the lifter has a 54-in. reach and is operated using joystick controls. The unit can be configured into a commercial frontloader and features quick disconnects to dump commercial cans.


Q.C. Lifters

Q.C. Lifters, Ogden, Ill., manufactures a line of cart lifters, which feature Teflon-coated steel bushing at hinge points for low maintenance. The product line includes the Low Profile CL100, the Model D II, the Heavy Duty HD 100 with a 500-lb. lift capacity, the Side Loader SL100 and the Ultra-thin-designed Rotary actuator RS 100 and RL100.


Rehrig Pacific

Rehrig Pacific, Los Angeles, offers the HuskyLite roll-out carts with a nestable metal bar. Available in 65- and 95-gallon sizes, the carts can be used for a variety of curbside applications and are designed for use with heavy loads, the company says. They feature a one-piece handle for strong gripping and a wide wheelbase for maneuvering. According to the company, the carts are flexible and can maintain their shape after continued use. The ground-hugging base keeps carts upright and stable, the company says. Additional features include a reinforced top lid, double drag rail and reinforced bottom.


Rotonics Manufacturing

Rotonics Manufacturing, Gardena, Calif., manufactures the Double Wall line of container lids. The Double Wall Split Lid accommodates large bags and allows ease of loading, while the Double Wall Hatch Lid has a 23-in. by 23-in. opening for small bag access. According to the company, the lids were designed to provide greater stability and longer performance. The lids fit Rotonics' 200-, 300-, and 450-gallon containers, as well as many other containers on the market, the company says.


Schaefer Systems International

Schaefer Systems International, Charlotte, N.C., offers Universal System Design Cart containers, which are available in 35-, 65-, and 95-gallon capacities. The containers are available in a variety of models that are compatible with standard bar-lock lifters, automated grabbers and comb lifters. According to the company, the carts feature a non-slip textured finish on the corners for grabber efficiency and a 0.175 in. or more wall thickness for durability. The cart's smooth surface on the inside and outside is intended for easy maintenance. Other features include integrated lid hinges and injection-molded construction.



Agru America

Agru America, Georgetown, S.C., manufactures the Super Gripnet geomembrane liner with High-Density Polyethylene or Linear Low-Density Polyethylene for containment and drainage applications such as with landfill caps and landfill slopes. Spikes on the underside of the liner, which can be removed with a special cutting tool, offer stability on steep slopes, the company says. The liners also features smooth edges to create wedge welds between sheets.


CETCO Lining Technologies

CETCO Lining Technologies, Arlington Heights, Ill., offers the Easy Roller geosynthetic clay liner deployment system that installs 45,000 square feet per hour. According to the company, a standard installation uses four people and is intended to reduce labor costs and minimize injury. The system includes an Easy Roller attachment that includes a hydraulic side shift and roll-tensioning capability for accurate placement and wrinkle removal, the company says. The attachment also includes a reverse operation for rewinding the liner rolls. A tilt motion is possible with a hydraulic top link. The system also includes the Easy Roller tractor, which connects to the attachment with six hydraulic lines and a three-point hitch. A heavy-duty stinger bar is manufactured for mounting on Caterpillar's all-terrain extendable boom forklift.


GSE Lining Technology

GSE Lining Technology, Houston, manufactures PermaNet, a line of biplanar geonet and geocomposite drainage liners designed for aerobic, anaerobic, air injection, and liquid and gas injection applications. The PermaNet is available in high-load and ultra-load configurations.


Donnelly Fabricators

Donnelly Fabricators, Lawrenceville, Ga., offers Texicon concrete mats. The mats are available in four configurations: filter point lining in which the double-layer fabric form is joined by filter points to form a concrete lining; vegetated mat; uniform section lining; and articulating mat block. A concrete pump can deliver fine aggregate concrete from 400 feet away, according to the company. The mat sizes range from 80 lbs. to 150 tons, according to the company.


Poly Flex

Poly Flex, Grand Prairie, Texas, manufactures the blown film textured geomembrane liner. The liner features smooth edges while the blow-film texturing offers increased friction angels for higher stability of steep slope applications. According to the company, the liner's smooth edges offer easier and more consistent welding.


Dozers from Dressta North America

Dressta North America, Buffalo Grove, Ill., offers the M-Series line of crawler dozers, which includes the TD-7M, TD-8M, TD-9M and the TD-10M. Designed for easy control, the dozers feature a left-hand joy stick, right foot pedal for engine deceleration and left pedal for braking. The dozers include a power train, combining a torque converter and clutch-brake steering to provide shock absorption, reduce engine lugging and to allow user control, the company says. The TD-7M has a 74 hp. engine and the TD-8M has a 85hp. In addition, the TD-9M features a 93 hp. engine while the TD-10M offers 101 hp. According to the company, the dozers have low engine sound and vibration levels. Additional features include side-by-side modular cooling components, and combined single-lever and transmission-control steering. Long track and low ground pressure models also are available.


Creeper from Dale Adams Enterprises

Dale Adams Enterprises, Kent, Ohio, manufactures the Bone creeper for auto technicians. The creeper features a rib-reinforced design and cradles the user between the wheels. According to the company the outboard wheel pods are designed to prevent tipping and flipping. The unit's 5 1/8 in. diameter wheels have oil-infused center bearings with 1- in.-wide tires that are designed to roll over a variety of obstacles, such as rough floors, drop cords, air lines, loose parts, tools and floor grates, the company says. With a 1 ¼-in. ground clearance, the unit's heavy gauge cad-plated steel caster frames have dual race ball bearing swivels. The creeper measures 47 in. in length and 25 ½ in. wide and weighs 23 lbs. It has a 300-lb. capacity.


Scrapers from USA Tire Management Systems

USA Tire Management Systems, Dakota City, Neb., manufactures rubber scrapers for use in solid waste applications. According to the company, the scrapers are ideal for paper recycling applications because the unit will not create a spark, preventing fires in these facilities, the company says. Measuring from 5 ft. to 12 ft. in length, the scrapers feature a rubber wiper for back dragging from objects or for floor cleanup. According to the company, the scrapers act like a squeegee and do not have to be repaired.


Waste cart carriers from Cansporter

Cansporter, Scotts Valley, Calif., manufactures waste cart carriers designed for transporting residential and semi-automated carts of varying sizes to public roadside collection points. The carrier is designed for use on passenger vehicles and can be mounted to a conventional tow receiver. With the ability to transport single or multiple carts, the carrier uses a lever arm to lift and secure carts for transport. According to the company, the carrier enables access to a vehicle's rear cargo door or tailgate so that it can remain on a vehicle at all times. The unit can eliminate damage caused by homeowners transporting carts or failed transportation methods, the company says.


Grinder from DuraTech

The 9564 industrial horizontal grinder from DuraTech, Jamestown, N.D., features a 40 in. by 60 ½ in. feed opening for grinding entire trees, large stumps, branches, wood pallets and green waste, the company says. With a 950-hp. diesel engine, the grinder includes a enclosed engine compartment and a self-cleaning air intake system. The 64 in. hammermill, which includes 24 hammers, has a downward drive to contain more debris and enables use in streets and residential areas, the company says. Weighing 91,500 lbs., the grinder features a 30 ft. long unloading conveyor that can stack materials up to 22 ft. high. Additional features include a 315 cu. ft. hopper capacity, 4340 sq. in. screen area and 42 in. diameter feed rollers.


Container from Meese Orbitron Dunne

Meese Orbitron Dunne, Ashtabula, Ohio, offers the P-291 rolling bulk forklift container for handling a variety of materials including paper, plastic and metal. Featuring a rotationally-molded design, the container is constructed of polyethelene and is weather- proof for indoor and outdoor use. It can also be stored and is designed to resist chemicals, oils, solvents and other liquids, the company says. With a 44 in. by 44 in. footprint, the container has four industrial-strength casters and has a 700-lb. payload capacity in 32 cu. ft. of space. According to the company, recycling companies can consolidate collection loads and empty containers can be rolled off the conveyor line with a lift truck. The containers are reusable.


Grinder from Vermeer

Vermeer, Pella, Iowa, offers the TG5000 tub grinder, which can be powered by a CAT C15, 540 hp. diesel engine or a CAT C13, 440 hp. diesel engine. According to the company, the grinder's extra large cooling system and high-capacity radiator is intended for longer work on harsh conditions with reduced risk of over-heating. The grinder features a 60-in. deep and 12-ft. wide tub opening. The bottom of the tub flares outward, enabling steady feeding of materials and to reduce bridging, the company says. The unit features push-button engagement. The discharge belt is manufactured to reduce material bridging, the company says.