New Components On the Circuit

New trucks and components were in full array at the Great American Truck Show held in Dallas in September. Here's a rundown on the major refuse-related introductions, as well as a look at some other recent product introductions.

Freightliner Portland, Ore. Freightliner has introduced the Columbia, a versatile, 120-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC), set-back axle, Class 8 tractor. Technical features include an aluminum cab, an optional driver's-side airbag and an integrated electronics package that manages vehicle operation and links to Freightliner's off-board ServiceLink software.

The Columbia also sports a sloping aerodynamic hood and standard one-piece chrome grille with integral surround. The three-piece bumper features a steel center section with re- placeable plastic end caps.

Additionally, the front suspension includes a leaf-and-half spring and tuned shock absorbers, rear air suspension and air cab mounts. Maintenance-free rubber bushings come standard. A new front frame and crossmember assembly is designed to accommodate a 1,350-square-inch aluminum radiator - a 1,000-square-inch radiator is standard.

Other designs include larger grille and bumper openings for increased cooling capacity; larger wheel well openings to accommodate 24.5-inch tires; a look-down mirror on the right side of the cab; a lightweight, aluminum cab; and a hood-tilt cylinder that assists in raising the hood.

The Columbia is available as a day cab as well as with several sleeper configurations. It carries a 1-year, 100,000-mile basic vehicle warranty and 3-year, 300,000-mile warranties for drivetrain components, cab structure and sheet metal.

Freightliner also has unveiled the Century Class S/T, which improves on the performance, safety and efficiency elements of the current Century Class S/T truck it replaces. The truck comes as a long (120-inches BBC) or medium (112-inches BBC) conventional and with numerous sleeper configurations.

To enhance safety, the driver's side airbag now is standard. Seatbelts, a collapsible steering shaft and rounded dash switches also have been installed. An outside temperature sensor displays outdoor temperatures and icy road conditions; LED marker lights are incorporated into the exterior sun visor to increase the truck's visibility to other drivers; and slip-resistant grab handles, fitted with rubber inserts, have been installed to prevent slips and falls.

An Eaton Fuller AutoShift 10-speed transmission is standard, as is Freightliner's Driver Message Center (DMC), which is a display located in the dash that provides information on vehicle status, fuel use, engine operation and diagnostics. The DMC lets the driver check miles driven for an entire trip or current leg, monitor fuel economy while driving and record current oil pressure, water pressure and other vital signs. It also interfaces to the Qualcom satellite messaging system to notify drivers immediately of incoming messages.

A standard Data Logging Unit (DLU) automatically records truck data, registering temperatures, pressures, throttle positions and other parameters immediately before and after a vehicle event. Service technicians can download this information using Freightliner's ServiceLink software.

The truck is engineered with leaf-and-half front suspension, rubber isolators in between springs, a high dampened front cab mount and low rate rear cab mount, as well as optimized valving on the front, rear and cab shock absorbers.

The S/T has permanently lubricated drivelines; preset, pre-greased bearings; extended lube brakes and slack adjusters; a self-adjusting clutch and a compression brake.

The Century Class S/T is available in a day cab and several sleeper configurations.

Caterpillar Inc. Peoria, Ill. Caterpillar has introduced the 3126B mid-range engine with an Advanced Diesel Engine Management (ADEM 2000) system for monitoring and improving truck engine performance. It provides an advanced processor, additional memory and compatibility with new vehicle technology to track engine information. It also features a 32-bit, 24 megahertz (Mhz) processor that runs three times faster than its predecessor and controls more than 100 customer-set parameters.

Key benefits include a real-time clock with battery back-up to day and time stamp events; Quick-Stop recorder; fleet information software capability, which provides access electric control module (ECM)-stored information such as fuel economy, idle time and mileage; and a driver information display with an automatic theft deterrent, secure idle features, instantaneous data, lifetime totals and maintenance and diagnostic data.

Users can program the shift point settings with the Allison AT/MT and HT automatic transmissions, especially for 3126B applications. Power Take Off (PTO) capability also includes a multi-speed feature to provide two additional PTO set speeds.

The 7.2-liter 3126B, with ratings from 175 to 330 horsepower (hp) delivers power in a mid-range engine for on-highway, city delivery and vocational applications. It features governed speeds of 2,400 and 2,500 revolutions per minute (rpm), with peak torque ranges from 420 pounds/foot (lbs/ft) to 860 lbs/ft.

In addition to the enhanced electronics package, the 250-, 275- and 300-hp 3126B engine models feature the same wastegate turbocharger as the 330-hp rated engine to improve bottom-end response and fuel economy, and to decrease heat rejection.

Cat also introduced two new engines - the 14.6 liter C-15 and the 15.8-liter C-16. Both engines are built on the design platform of the Cat 3406 engine but feature four key differences from their predecessors: lighter weight, more reliable, quieter and more fuel efficient.

The C-15 with 355 hp to 550 hp ratings has peak torque up to 1,850 lbs/ft and is designed to decrease shifting frequency to reduce driveline wear and driver fatigue. The C-15 offers a B-50 life-to-overhaul of 1 million miles.

The C-16 with 575 hp and 600 hp ratings is Caterpillar's top-of-the-line, high hp engine for owner-operators, heavy haulers and fleets that want to reward their top drivers. With the largest displacement, in-line, 6-cylinder diesel available, the C-16 provides almost a full liter of additional capacity to improve throttle response and pulling power on hills. It also provides drivers with more than 720 hp braking capability at 2,100 rpm by combining the Jacobs compression release brake and the Cat BrakeSaver hydraulic retarder.

Cat says the C-15 and C-16 can provide operational savings of up to 8 percent per engine based on routine maintenance guidelines for oil changes and filter costs for 800,000 miles.

Sterling Truck Corp. Willoughby, Ohio Sterling has introduced the Acterra, a new family of Class 5-8 medium-duty trucks with heavy-duty truck/tractor features. Acterra's four models include: the 5500, with a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 19,500 lbs; the 6500, with a maximum GVWR of 26,000 lbs; the 7500, with a maximum GVWR of 33,000 lbs; and the 8500, with a maximum GVWR of 64,000 lbs.

The Acterra 5500 and 6500 are single-axle straight trucks; the 7500 is available as a single-axle truck or tractor; and the 8500 is available as a single- or tandem- axle straight truck or as a single- or tandem-axle tractor.

Acterra models do not replace Sterling's existing L-Line, A-Line or Cargo models.

On all models, a low cab height provides easy access for drivers. The larger cab provides space for three people using Acterra's optional 2+1 seating. Additionally, a larger windshield, door windows that drop down in front, low-mounted view windows on the passenger door and slender A-pillars are designed to improve driver visibility and reduce forward blind spots. A setback front axle combined with a 50-degree wheel cut allows for maneuverability in cramped areas.

Sterling's new trucks can be configured by moving components such as fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, mufflers, battery boxes or even chassis crossmembers. For instance, a new truck can be ordered with horizontal, transverse or vertical exhausts.

The Acterra line also offers component flexibility. Each Acterra is available with the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 engine standard or the optional Cummins ISB and ISC, or Caterpillar 3126B engine. The Cummins ISL also is available on the Acterra 8500.

Cummins Engine Co. Inc. Columbus, Ind. Cummins has announced a new rating for its ISM diesel engine - the 425 VSP -to deliver 2,100 rpm in the high-hp market.

According to Cummins, the ISM's fuel economy improved by up to 2 percent to 4 percent over its M11 Plus. The ISM offers up to 500 hp for some markets, five ratings up to 425 hp for vocational markets and 425 hp for the fleet market.

Cummins also introduced its heavy-duty, 4-valves-per-cylinder ISL engine for vocational and regional less-than-truckload customers. The ISL, building on the company's L10 engine, is integrated with electronic features and tracks statistics for the driver, technician and fleet manager.

The company also announced the new ISX 475, with 1,650 lbs/ft of torque, and the ISX 475 ST2, with 1650/1850 lbs/ft of torque, for high-hp fleets. These two models are designed to fill a niche between Cummins 450- and 500-hp ISX engines and add depth to the ISX engine's product line in the 400 hp (1450 lbs/ft of torque) to 600 hp (1850 lbs/ft of torque) range.

Dana Corp. Kalamazoo, Mich. Dana Spicer's heavy axle and brake division has launched a new 40,000-lb tandem drive axle, the Dana Spicer High-Performance-40 Model (DSH40). The new 40 is built to handle high-hp, high-torque engines in increased payload applications while eliminating the need for strict engine control settings and without the extra weight.

The new tandem drive axle features:

* A large 15.75-inch hypoid gearing;

* Higher capacity Timken bearings;

* A Micro-Lip XL seal and slinger system to keep lubrication in and contamination out; and

* A Power Divider Unit shift system to maximize internal lubrication flow to critical components.

Dana's heavy axle and brake division also has introduced a new 21,000- to 26,000-lb single-drive-axle family for key market segments including refuse.

The 21,000- to 26,000-lb drive axle "90" family includes models 21090, 23090, and 26090. This axle family will replace the current Dana Spicer 21080, 23080, 26080 and W230 series axles models.

High Power Density (HPD) features include a 17.3-inch hypoid gearing, ring gear thrust bolt and Timkin bearings. The axle's higher-strength wheel differential is designed to increase impact resistance. The Micro-Lip XL seal is designed to keep lubrication inside and contamination out.

Finally, Dana has introduced a new low maintenance system (LMS) for the E-12001 Integral Arm steer axle family. The LMS is available on the E-12001, E-13201 and the E-1200W wide track steer axle.

A compressible kingpin insert is engineered in order to prevent contamination, improve grease retention and reduce pressure vacuum in the bushing area. Included with the kingpin joint is a sealed thrust bearing. With this new axle family, the lubrication interval should be extended to one year or 100,000 miles with the use of standard chassis grease, according to Dana.

The LMS steer axle package also includes new tie rod end upgrades for vehicle alignment performance throughout the axle's life and improved corrosion protection.

The tie rod warranty for linehaul applications has been extended to 3 years or 350,000 miles.