Mount Migraine

After Cobb County, Ga., decommissioned its last active landfill “Mount Trashmore” a few years ago, one enterprising businessman decided to start his own landfill, and not in his yard, but his neighbor's.

That's right, for three years, Ronald E. Crouse Sr. charged commercial haulers a fee to dump construction and demolition debris on an empty lot next to his automobile salvage company, marking off the new “landfill's” boundaries with dilapidated school buses.

When the Georgia Environmental Protection Division got wind of Crouse's booming business, they shut it down and found trash piles, some 30-feet-deep, spread across four acres. Cleanup costs could total $1 million.

Crouse was convicted on 12 felony counts of illegal dumping and other misdeeds. There's no word as to how the neighbor — now a landfill owner — feels about his newly acquired “Mount Migraine.”
Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta