Miss Dumpy 2003

WHILE WEARING AN OUTFIT CONSTRUCTED of aluminum, Anna Greenglass was crowned Miss Dumpy 2003 in Kennebunkport, Maine. The Miss Dumpy contest and Dump Parade were revived this year after a nearly 20-year hiatus to celebrate the town's 350th anniversary.

Started in 1965 by the Kennebunkport Dump Association, the original pageant and parade heralded Kennebunkport's landfill because it had reputation with residents of being clean and tidy.

To enter this year's Miss Dumpy contest, entrants were required to construct a costume from items that could have been found in a landfill. But because the town's facility has been closed for years, contestants could no longer excavate their costumes from the site.

Similar to the competitor's garb, parade floats also were constructed from potential landfill materials, especially recyclables. But don't mark your calendar for next year's dump festivities, this was a one-time gig.

Source: York County Coast Star News 8