Miami Extends Its Collection Program

Miami - One of the nation's lar-gest curbside recycling programs, Dade County, has expanded it's collection program. The extended program now includes household batteries, phone books and additional plastic resins.

The 266,000 residential recycling program already collects aluminum, metal, glass (clear, brown and green), plastic food and beverage containers and newspapers. But now each resident will be asked to put more recyclables in their collection bins.

Residents are expected to recycle all AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt and button batteries in orange collection bags. On their first recycling day of the month, the bags will be collected if they are placed as directed - on top of the newspapers in the green recycling bin.

When the new telephone books are distributed in the fall, the city will collect the outdated phone books. The city will collect phone books through November as long as they too are placed on top of the newspapers in the green recycling bin.

"With the added convenience of curbside collection, we anticipate that phone book recycling will in-crease substantially," said Deborah Higer, chief of service development for Metro-Dade Solid Waste Man-agement.

Plastics recycling has been ex-panded to include all plastic product containers with the recycling number one, two or three. In addition to the already accepted food and beverage containers, residents can now recycle, for example, household cleaning, shampoo, detergent, conditioner and mouthwash bottles.

If the container bears the number one, two or three on the bottom, it can be placed in a blue bin for collection. "We've taken the guess work out of recycling plastics," said Higer. "It's that simple."

Acquisitions Harding Law-son Associates (HLA), Novato, Calif., has acquired the assets of Resource Integration Sys-tems' (RIS) Western region op-eration from RIS Ltd., To-ronto. HLA also has purchased the assets of EEC Environ-mental, Philadelphia.

Chemical Waste Manage-ment, Oak Brook, Ill., has bought OHM Corp. subsidiary OHM Resource Recovery Corp., Findlay, Ohio.

Appointments The Inter-national Organization for Stan-dardization (ISO), Ottawa, On-tario, has selected Canada for the secretariat of the ISO Tech-nical Committee for Environ-mental Management.

Contracts Wehran Con-struction Inc., a division of Wehran EnviroTech, Andover, Mass., has been awarded a $14 million ash landfill closure and certification contract.

Jedstock Inc., Warren, N.J., has been awarded a $600,000 contract to provide Somerset County, N.J., with 110,000 recycling containers.

Outagamie County, Wis., and Madison County, Ill., have each awarded Camp Dresser & McKee Inc., Cambridge, Mass., a contract to provide engineering services for two materials recovery facilities.

Rader Co., Resource Recov-ery Group, Memphis, Tenn., has been awarded a contract from Cass County, Texas, to supply and install a municipal solid waste resource recovery facility in Linden, Texas.

Gershman, Brickner & Brat-ton (GBB) Inc., Falls Church, Va., has been selected to conduct studies on C&D debris recycling projects for the Town of Babylon, N.Y., and the Met-ropolitan Council of the Twin Cities Area, St. Paul. Minn.

Camp Dresser & McKee Inc., Cambridge, Mass., has been awarded a MSW landfill permitting contract from the Ber-keley County Water and San-itation Authority, S.C.

Mergers Western Waste Industries, Torrence, Calif., has merged with Browning-Ferris Industries, Houston.

InterBio, Baton Rouge, La., has merged with Solmar Corp., Orange, Calif.

Three northern Illinois independent firms and 21 firms throughout Wisconsin have merged to become Superior Environmental Services Inc., Madison, Wis.

John Brown Plastics Ma-chinery, West Warwick, R.I., has merged its plastics recycling and systems sales group into the Cumberland En-gineering Division.

New Facility The Recycling Depot, Minerva, Ohio, has be-gun construction in Zanes-ville, Ohio, for a glass plant.

KW Plastics, Troy, Ala., has opened KW Plastics Recycling Division.

Pratt Industries, Atlanta, will construct a $75 million recycled liner board manufacturing facility in Conyers and Rockdale County, Ga.

International Process Systems Inc., a Wheelabrator Technologies Co., Hampton, N.H., has opened an in-vessel composting facility in Bristol, R.I.