Killer Clutter

Eighty-year-old Margaret Sheehan of Hollywood, Fla., is in good condition after spending three days trapped beneath a mountain of garbage in her own apartment.

A widow known for her good deeds, Sheehan was found on Oct. 20 buried under six feet of magazines, boxes and receipts after concerned neighbors decided to investigate her absence. Although severely dehydrated, Sheehan managed to answer her neighbors' knocking with a fragile, "I'm trapped."

When Hollywood Fire-Rescue workers arrived, they broke down the door and dug through piles of debris to find Sheehan, while her friends watched in disbelief. Apparently Sheehan, known in her community as an "angel," never had invited anyone inside - and never threw anything away. She always was out walking her neighbor's dogs or tutoring neighborhood children, friends say.

Source: Miami Herald