Processing and disposing of municipal solid waste is just one facet of Onyx North America's (ONA) integrated approach to environmental services. In addition to Onyx Waste Services and Onyx Montenay Power, ONA delivers integrated waste management, maintenance and cleaning solutions and innovative technologies through Onyx Industrial Services (OIS) and Onyx Environmental Services (OES). Together, the organization's operations benefit from the more than 150 years of environmental experience that its corporate parent, France-based Veolia Environnement, brings to the table.

Onyx Environmental Services provides solutions to industrial and municipal customers who need hazardous and special waste disposal. For example, OES's award-winning Electronics Recycling Division supplies a government-compliant recycling system for large and small quantities of universal waste, including both lighting and electronic waste. In conjunction with America Recycles Day, OES worked with Staples office supply stores to collect discarded computer equipment and ensure proper recycling. To responsibly recycle and recover the thermal value found in high-Btu hazardous liquid wastes, OES has developed fuel-blending techniques.

OES also offers complete municipal household hazardous waste services, from organized collections to final transportation and recycling. Additionally, the company provides a variety of specialty services for hazardous waste treatment. For instance, OES provides stabilization solutions for metal-coded hazardous waste solids and solidification of non-hazardous liquids and solids. Cost-efficient hazardous waste incineration options provide customers with complete destruction services, from collection to final ash disposal.

OES also handles the identification, classification, transportation and treatment of low-level radioactive waste. The company functions in a traditional fashion by classifying, packing and disposing of lab chemicals, but it also can act as a customer's employee by performing outsourced tasks. Finally, OES's emergency response teams afford customers spill response, as well as contingency planning, site cleanup and site closure.

For its part, Onyx Industrial Services offers industrial and municipal facilities with comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services. The company's chemical cleaning services for industrial process equipment allow customers to customize the chemicals, solvent systems and equipment used throughout the cleaning procedure to maximize safety and cost-effectiveness. Refineries can use OIS's services, including hydroblasting, which removes fouling and deposits; vacuuming materials of all viscosities; sewer system management; solids separation; and manned hydraulic pumps for dredging.

OIS serves customers in a variety of industries. Customers in the mining and automotive industries may opt for heat exchanger maintenance and employ OIS solutions for waste stream management, while those in the automotive, pharmaceutical and construction industries may use the company's environmental consulting and emergency response services. Together, Onyx North America's four sister companies complement each other to provide clients with waste management options and fully integrated services.