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During a routine inspection of a New York Harbor garbage barge, Alan Dorfman quickly realized that he was an unwelcome guest. Like a scene from a Hitchcock movie, a swarm of angry birds attacked Dorfman.

“They dive-bombed me, a huge flock of them,” he later told The New York Times.

The perturbed birds are known as terns and are listed on the New York State Department of Environmental Protection's list of threatened species. As the harbor becomes less polluted, more terns have made it their home.

Dorfman, chief of the Army Corps of Engineers' Caven Point marine terminal in Jersey City, N.J., was taking inventory of needed repairs on the 300-foot barge, which should have taken place shortly thereafter. However, because of the terns' threatened status and menacing instincts, repairs were postponed until after they flew south for the winter.
Source: The New York Times