Hold It

To assist haulers and municipalities with selecting the right residential container, Waste Age compiled a list of some manufacturers' latest products.

Ameri-Kart Corp., Goddard, Kan., introduces the Versa-Kart in 35-, 60- and 90-gallon capacities constructed from linear, medium-density polyethylene. The cart is compatible with all fully and semi-automated systems, according to the company.

Bonar Plastics Inc., Tigard, Ore., offers the Two-Can automated recycling and collection system, which is a one-pass system designed to pick up two commodities.

Cascade Engineering Container Group, Grand Rapids, Mich., offers carts and recycling bins made from high-density, injection-molded plastic. The company's 35-, 64- and 96-gallon roll-out carts are designed for multiple uses, including refuse, recyclables, yard waste and the co-collection of refuse and commingled or separated recyclables. Curbside recycling bins are available in 5-, 14-, 18- and 21-gallon sizes.

El Monte Plastics, El Monte, Calif., manufactures carts from 35 gallons to 450 gallons in either linear low-density polyethylene or xlink thermoset polyethylene, depending on the climate of the community. El Monte carts fit all automated systems and most semi-automated systems, according to the company.

Otto Industries Inc., Charlotte, N.C., manufactures a line of semi- and fully automated carts and lifters for residential collection. These injection-molded plastic carts are compatible with a variety of lifter systems and can be used with dual-collection systems. Otto also offers a line of rotary actuator- and cylinder-operated lift systems.

Perkins Manufacturing, Chicago, offers the TuckAway cart lifter for semi-automated carts, as well as rear and side loader containers. TuckAway has a rotary design, lifts at a 50 degree angle and attaches closely to the vehicle, according to the company. Lift capacity is 250 pounds to 300 pounds. The lifter also has an 8- to 10-second cart cycle.

Plastic Omnium Zarn, Reidsville, N.C., manufactures the CityCart line, which includes 35-, 65- and 95-gallon containers of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The carts, which have an ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor coating, are available in several color combinations.

QwikTip, Elk Grove, Ill., manufactures a lift system that can be installed on rear loaders to lift carts and 1- to 10-yard containers without cables, chains or driver intervention, according to the company.

Rehrig Pacific Co., Los Angeles, offers a line of injection-molded plastic roll-out carts and stackable recycle bins for curbside programs. Carts come in 20-, 35-, 65- and 95-gallon sizes, and are designed for semi- and fully automated lifters. Rehrig also offers green waste carts with venting and a false bottom to promote odor dissemination, as well as carts with locks.

Roto Industries Inc., Anaheim, Calif., manufactures the Hauler Cart series in sizes from 35 gallons to 300 gallons for semi- and fully automated collection systems. The company also offers plastic lids for front and rear loaded containers, plastic bin liners and plastic bottoms.

Rotonics Manufacturing Inc., Gardena, Calif., offers a complete line of bin lids, refuse containers and medical waste containers in sizes including 300 gallons and 450 gallons.

Schaeffer Systems International Inc., Charlotte, N.C., manufactures a line of 35-, 65- and 95-gallon containers for refuse and recycling.

Toter Inc., Statesville, N.C., features fully and semi-automated carts in sizes from 32 gallons to 105 gallons in a variety of colors. The company's EVR Series includes molded handles, sealed stop bar journals, multiple bottom wear chimes and a reinforced top rim. The EVR Co-Collection Cart, which is evenly divided and contains double lids hinged in the middle, allows for material separation.

UltraCart Inc., Harborcreek, Pa., manufactures carts with a front pull handle and front drag guards, which allows customers and workers to handle the carts from the front and the rear. UltraCart's products also feature a double-wall, domed top lid and latch system to open on both semi- and fully automated lifters. Features include a two-for-one replacement program and 16-gauge top and bottom lift bars.