Recycling Mandates Guide

Raymond Communications Inc., College Park, Md., has published “Electronics Recycling: What to Expect from Global Mandates,” a 130-page international report for electronics manufacturers and policymakers. The report includes details on recycling laws and initiatives in 16 countries, including those in Europe and Asia; statistics on electronics recovery rates; contact information and websites; and a complete summary of the draft electronics waste directives at the European Union (EU), including April 2002 amendments. To order, call Raymond Communications at (301) 345-4237 or visit

N.Y. PAYT Guide

Hammer Environmental Consulting (HEC), New York, has published “Cutting New York's Trash Costs through Pay-As-You-Throw.” The report, released in collaboration with the Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, highlights what New York can do to reduce its solid waste budget through pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs. Copies of the report are available through HEC's website at

Hazardous Waste Compliance Guide

ABS Consulting has published “Managing Your Hazardous Wastes: A Step-by-Step RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) Compliance Guide” with federal requirements summaries and training tips.