Plastic Bottle Recycling Guidelines

The Association of Post-consumer Plastics Recyclers (APR), Arlington, Va., has published “Design Guidelines for Plastic Bottle Recycling” to aid with packaging design decisions to be compatible with the reclaiming industry's ability to accept bottles and produce useful products. The guide is available online at

Computer Waste Documentary

The Seattle-based Basel Action Network (BAN) has launched a 23-minute video entitled, “Exporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia.” This film version of the investigative report revealed the practice of exporting electronic waste, or e-waste, from the United States to Asia. The video is available with a $55 donation to the Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange — A Project of the Tides Center. Send name, address and donation to Basel Action Network, c/o Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange, 1305 4th Avenue, Suite 606, Seattle, Wash. 98101. Phone: (206) 652-5750. Fax: (206) 652-5555. E-mail:

Ergonomics Guide

ABS Consulting Inc., Rockville, Md., has published “Ergonomics: A Risk Manager's Guide to Reducing Injuries, Costs and Liabilities.” Written by Wayne Peate and Karen Lunda, the book examines how businesses can develop cost-effective ergonomics programs that identify and address ergonomic risks in the workplace. The authors identify the history and causes of ergonomic injuries, and examine the financial impact, including insurance and medical management, on business activities. The book is available for $159. Contact ABS Consulting, 4 Research Place, Suite 200, Rockville, Md. 20850. Phone: (301) 921-2300. Fax: (301) 921-0373. Website:

Diesel Directory

The Diesel Technology Forum, Washington, D.C., has released the “Retrofit Funding Directory,” which identifies state and federal funding sources for upgrading diesel equipment. The Forum is working with the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with state, local and federal governments, to explore diesel emissions reduction programs and promote cleaner solutions. The directory is available online at

Compost Economics

The Northeast Recycling Council Inc. (NERC), Brattleboro, Vt., has released “Composting — The Growing Commercialization of an Age-Old Process” as part of its ninth Recycling Economic Development Bulletin. The issue focuses on the compost industry and features four different-sized, successful compost producers in the Northeast. To view the issue, visit