Bio-Based Products Guide

The Journal of Industrial Ecology, published by MIT Press and owned by Yale University, New Haven, Conn.,has released a special issue on bio-based products and the environment. The issue covers the production, use and disposal of bioplastics, biofuels and other industrial products derived from agricultural products, residues and wastes. Visit

EPA's Plug-In Program Guidelines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, D.C., has issued “Plug-In To eCycling Guidelines for Materials Management” for the partners and pilot projects of the Plug-In program. The program is designed to promote safe recycling of used electronic products through recognition and other incentives. The guidelines define qualifying Plug-In partners, in addition to providing preferred waste management practices. Maintaining adequate markets for the reuse and recycling of electronic products also is emphasized. For details about the Plug-In partnership and guidelines, visit