Land Disposal Guidelines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, D.C., has published “Land Disposal Restrictions Answer Book: A Summary of EPA Requirements,” to provide waste generators, transporters, treatment facilities and storage facilities with a summary of land disposal restriction (LDR) regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 40 part 268. Updated in August 2001, the book also includes a history of the LDR program and documents on land disposal restrictions. To order a copy, contact Janet Wolfe, ABS Consulting. Phone: (301) 921-2313. Copies are $89 each.

Online Waste Prevention Resource

New York-based Inform Inc. has launched the Community Waste Prevention Toolkit, an online resource designed to help community leaders, grassroots environmental organizations and policymakers implement waste prevention programs. The toolkit outlines strategies used in Inform's New York City Waste Prevention Initiative and includes a step-by-step guide to building community support for waste prevention and coordination, a list of questions to ask when investigating local waste prevention policies, purchasing strategies to reduce waste, case studies, and fact sheets on minimizing waste and pollution from specific waste streams. The toolkit is available on the web at

Children's Composting Video

The Chester County Board of Commissioners, West Chester, Pa., has produced “Do the Rot Thing with Dudley Do-Rot,” a 12-minute video funded through the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and published through the Chester County Health Department's Division of Solid Waste Management. The video features Dudley Do-Rot, a worm that teaches children about the natural processes of decomposition, grasscycling and leafcycling, and stresses the importance of setting up backyard compost piles. The video is free to Chester County media centers and is $19.95 nationwide. To order the video, contact: Liz Faust. Phone: (610) 344-6692.

Industrial Waste Reference Book

The “Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook,” by Franklin E. Woodard, is an engineering manual and text for civil and environmental engineering students as a reference for industrial waste treatment handling and procedures. The guide includes the engineering, chemistry and physics fundamentals of industrial waste treatment, and a discussion of industrial waste management, stormwater management, and pollution prevention and treatment issues. Free review copies are available upon letterhead request from Hugh Ryan Ink, 124 Shore Drive, Barrington, R.I. 02806-1028. Phone: (401) 246-2300. E-mail: